Best Tuesday Ever!!

Every time I saw a past coworker of mine, I would say, “having the best Tuesday (or whatever day it may have been) ever?!” He proceeded to reply, “Kerigan, I have never had a good Tuesday. Who has good Tuesdays?”

Woooah, excuse me? I was literally saddened for him because he didn’t know the extraordinariness that each day holds. He waited for the weekend to have his “best day ever”. I suppose many do that but no, not I. Never ever I.


Maybe it’s because of Yelp-dates that made me fall in love with using weekdays to go on adventures with friends. I’m thinking so. In addition to a not-your-typical definition of health, that internship has given me one of my favorite little delights that now transforms my weeks into continual bliss: weekday plans.

For roughly eight months, I’ve made it a priority to not wait around for the weekend to make good memories. I’m naturally a planner so when I have an open slot in my schedule, I aim to use spend that time with as many friends or fam members as I can. It was initially an internship obligation but now, I can’t imagine my life without Tuesday night plans.


Weekday fun allows me to stay connected with so many different friends and especially, that one on one time that I value so much. It gives me a concrete thing to look forward to and my weeks no longer seem to lag. Although absolutely nothing is wrong with it, I am thankful that watching tv is not appealing to me. Give me allllll the face time after a full day of work, please!

Last week was happy hour, youth group, ice cream and a volunteer function. This week, it’s dinner, bible study, a speaker event and seeing my little cousin steal the show in a musical. This isn’t including my weekends where I saw and am going to see endless more beautiful faces. Good golly, I love the weekdays. Bonus points if I’m on heelys. Duhhhh.


I easily say “best Tuesday ever” just as much as “best Saturday ever”. I hope you do too. Oh and that former coworker ended up being the one to initiate “best Tuesday ever!” in no time. It’s contagious, I suppose!


Saturday Satisfaction #9

Last night, I was at a concert of sorts. A tribute band for The Rolling Stones ended the parking lot party night with “Satisfaction”. That caused flashbacks to my first Saturday Satisfaction post 27 months ago hahahHA.


So here’s a roundup of current satisfaction in my life! Thank you most dearly, Brian Jones, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Bill Wyman, Charlie Watts, and Ian Stewart. And last night’s cover band.


EMPLOYMENT! I’ve been working since I was 15 but this is my first post-grad gig that is getting my career rolling. Two days after my most recent post where I was in the ‘what’s coming next for me because I’m clueless and life is changing a mile a minute’ mindset, I accepted a job! I’m working for a public relations agency that specializes in the food, beverage and restaurant scene so it’s theeee most perfect fit for my skills and interests. I practically dropped my phone yesterday when I received emails from very well known national publications that I now work with. CRAZINESS.

Screen Shot 2017-09-16 at 10.52.28 AM.png

This music video. And that song. I still make CDs for my car about once a month. People make fun of me for not adapting to newer technology but there’s just something so charming about hearing a CD load in my car! In addition to Thomas Rhett, Demi Lovato and Rend Collective, I’ve been listening to (and watching) alllll the Johnnyswim. They’re one crazy talented married couple and it’s a tough task to not smile while watching them interact.


Pumpkin Almond Butter BarsIf you make one pumpkin recipe this fall season, let it be this!! But don’t limit yourself because I’ve been getting a second pumpkin serving from these muffins and they’re straight from heaven. Whenever I bite into the PAB bars during the months of September/ October/November, I think, ‘whyyyohwhy do I not make these year-round?’.


This podcast episode. (Apologies to everyone I’ve ever been in a Bible study with because I know I talk about Father Mike too too much hehe). This recorded homily will renew all sorts of vibrancy within you and change your outlook on how you see every single human being you encounter…scouts honor!!…I think that means, “I promise”? I listened to it while getting ready yesterday morning and literally quoted him when I was at a bar last night. His messages and the ease of application to daily life are flawless!!



Friends. I just love ’em and am undeserving of so many amazing people in my life. My favorite part about moving (and now, staying!!) home is undoubtedly reconnecting with faces I haven’t seen since Merry Slabmas. Aka the holiday I made up in order to have a bunch of high school friends over during the Christmas season. Tip 1: invent your own holidays. Tip 2: invite people and watch their excitement reach new heights. Works like a charm! 

446159-Hush Olive-9ca6fe83-.jpeg

This camo jacket. I’ve been crushing hard on this. And that only intensified when I spotted Amanda from Jonnyswim wearing a similar one in the pic above. Swoooon.

I hope this Saturday is the best Saturday of your life!! xoxo


My life has taken a 180.

In the past week, I had plenty o’ life chats, a phone call with my college advisor, updated my uncle in the grocery store checkout line, filled in my best friend’s parents in the light fixture aisle of a hardware store and had a past internship supervisor laughing at my unpredictable life (see the convo below). Accompanied by scrolling through job postings, browsing apartment rates in another city if I were to move and interviewing with a PR agency on Friday when I was sitting in chemistry class four days prior.


The plan was in place for me to pursue dietetics in graduate school and I was on track. But that plan is crumbled up and drop kicked into the past. Byyyye! My textbooks and goggles are on a shelf I can’t reach in my closet. Any takers? They’re all yours!

There were many factors in changing up my career goals. To sum it up concisely, I was not following my natural skills, the social and financial sacrifices of five more years of school were no bueno, I don’t want to talk about food all day every day and my intuition was telling me to run back into the arms of public relations. So that’s what I did. That’s what I’m doing. And I thank God that I have a degree in this field.


Nutrition (including perfectly balanced macronutrient charcuterie boards with this girl!) is very much so still an interest of mine. As excited as I was to potentially have my own private practice to counsel people, I’m a-OK that this is no longer a possibility. I don’t foresee my philosophy on food as I shared in thisthis and this post changing. Neither do I plan to stop reading blogs, books and research to gain more knowledge, listening to insightful podcasts from credentialed folks and volunteering in this space.

However, this interest is just a single item on my list of not nutrition hyper-focused hobbies. Like taking walks with friends, third wheeling with my favorite couple at a baseball game, reading about living creatively (this book is PHENOMENAL!!), jumping on the trampoline with the kids I babysit and editing my cousin’s business plan…entrepreneurship gets me all kinds of excited! Far more than honeycrisp apples that are back in season and any other anti-inflammatory foods that are merely a means to get you living your best life.


The past year that I spent preparing myself for dietetics was a grand one! I’m content that I gave that field a shot so that I don’t regret neglecting to attempt it for the rest of my life. I am also grateful to now know a whole lotttt more about the human body in response to how it is treated. Not just so I can take care of myself better but so that I can approach others’ shared remarks, pasts and current struggles with compassion.

I don’t know what position I’ll be adding to my LinkedIn next. Nor do I know where I’ll geographically be in three months. I am absolutely loving this unknown because God has been planning it all along. Ha. Times 180.

When We Know We’re Loved

I was driving around town after making pb&j’s with my younger sister. Well, she was driving. I was the DJ. As it always goes!


She turned to me and said, “I hope my future husband loves me as much as you do.” I was immediately flattered and curious all at once. I asked her why that it is.

“You laugh at everything I say [TRUE], always want to spend time with me [TRUE], give me back scratches [TRUE] and now…you’re staring at me and it’s freaking me out [ALSO TRUE].”

Flash forward to the following night when I was reading Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent and Lead by Brené Brown. I underlined the sentence (and am switching around a few words because the context it was placed in won’t make sense), it is easier to become real when we know we’re loved. Page 110 in my book for anyone who has a copy!


Flash forward to the following morning when I was at church. I couldn’t stop thinking about how the concept of being so securely loved transforms an individual’s courage to be authentically themselves as if no one was watching. I kneeled before God and knew that I was loved beyond measurement. That reason alone is why I can be and am real in my relationship with Him – the most important relationship in my life that graciously pours into all others.

From my sister who understands how much I love her to my own self who attempts to understand how much my Father loves me, we collectively know that we are loved. We are so so very much so loved.

It is the common desire for all human beings. It alters how free we are. It breaks down our walls. It ceases embarrassment. It stirs up a whole lotta oddness (see #11). It is the reason for confidence. It fuels our passions. It is the driving force for celebrations. It unquestionably changes us or rather, pushes us to grow into our true selves.


A friend who I have no filters around (due to mutual love hehe) recently told me, “there’s a lot of fish in the sea and well…you’re an octopus”. Count that as one of the best compliments I’ve ever received because it affirmed that I must be doing something right toward my goal to chase after greatness, not comfort! But it all comes down to the fact that I know he deeply cares about me and would be by my side at 3am if I was in need at that hour.

For me, striving to be 103% authentic doesn’t start from within. Nor does it stem from outward validation like my octopus-naming friend. It originates from the simple truth that I am fully known and deeply loved by my Creator. And to live without embracing this would break His heart more than I want to think about.

05f314e140c4fcf93dc81072ebda3b4a.jpgLet’s all be octopi or stingrays or pufferfish or whatever creature you so portray. Not because you want to but because that’s what you are. For when we know we are loved, the presence of our originality stirs up a whole lotttta joy.

11 8am Front Porch Thoughts

Slow slow morning make me smile just thinking about them. Ok, that’s not hard to do.

Slow mornings are my favorite verb, hobby and practice that keeps me grounded and chasing after my dreams. It’s where my mind runs rampant while the world is so still. Ughhh, I just crave it always.

Give me iced coffee with a splash of almond milk and a straw, a huge blanket, fresh air, a book and my Bible and I’m so content. For hours. My mornings could really be endless if my stomach didn’t rumble for a big breakfast. And I hit my max of too little social interaction. Annnd then it’s not morning anymore and the blissfulness has lost its charm.

Here is my mind. In 11 random thoughts. During a slow morning.

1. I’ve always looked to Pinterest for cute phone lock screen prints but I just made my own and it’s way more meaningful. I wanted one of my grandpa’s most well-known sayings as a constant reminder so I threw it together on Canva. “If you don’t believe in yourself, it’s probably unanimous.”

If You Don't Believe.png

2. :20-:24 of this song has been stuck in my mind for the past three-ish weeks. I sing it every day with a 14.3% accuracy that it’s actually Friday. I’ll take that odd!

3. Did you know that your body actually metabolizes food better when you are enjoying it? THE BODY IS THE COOLEST! So when you’re at a restaurant and someone makes a comment about how their food is so indulgent and how they’re glad they didn’t eat all day to “save their calories” for this meal, just know that they won’t be digesting that dish well as well as they could if they found their meal to be pleasurable. Never ever eat food you don’t like…unless it’s a social setting and it would be rude not to give it a try!

4. I’m allll for the classiness of one-piece swim suits. The kinds without 18 cutouts. This 9:30 AHHMAZING video dives into the history of the female swimsuit and showcases how one-pieces scientifically shift the focus to a woman’s personality and character, not her body. PS, Jessica Rey who gives the talk was the yellow power ranger 🙂 I ordered this watermelon print one and love it!!


5. My sister’s fiancé just interrupted this slow morning (in the best way!) to show me his suit for their wedding in four months!! I followed that up by a sprouted bagel with cream cheese, avocado, smoked salmon and everything bagel seasoning. DIVINE.

6. I’ve been talking to a lot of friends about how social media is just becoming (and has been) blehhh. My sister and I have both noticed that a lot of our friends post things that they supposedly “love” when we really know the true story behind it and we wouldn’t call that love at all. She was even telling me that one of her friends writes up the paragraph long captions for her boyfriend to post along with Instagram pics of them two. I usually just approach social media with a light heart but I’m now limiting time spent in that space.

7. I want to make these pop tarts. I think pop tarts are on the mind because my church’s pastor mentioned them in his homily yesterday haaa.


8. I just got this and this book from the library and ordered this and this book from Amazon (thank you much, graduation gift card!). I’ve never been more excited about my future so I’m soaking up all of the resources to fuel that fire!

9. As we’ve grown up, my older sister and I are becoming more and more alike. She didn’t want a bachelorette party because she is laid back and has no intentions of not being able to remember it. I started suggesting ideas and now, I’m planning a trip to a vineyard. Gahhh. Stoked!!

10. I discovered my absolute favorite coffee shop in existence!!! It’s a 25 minute drive for me but so worth the almost hour in the car to and from. Pro trip: go in the afternoon when it’s less busy to talk to the baristas without folks behind you getting annoyed. After interning for Yelp, chatting with the people behind a business about their products and life makes my day! Every single time.


11. Whenever my fam goes out for ice cream (looking at you, last night’s Father’s Day celebration!), I always analyze the customers around us because they try not to stare and hold back their laughter. I say this because I’m beyond fortunate to have a family who is unapologetically themselves without any filters when it comes to our originality. Cheers Cones up to strangers overhearing our odd conversations!