Not Today

My laptop does its own thing sometimes. I can’t blame it. I do my own thing sometimes, too.

No matter what song I was playing last on Spotify when I closed my laptop for the day, a different song would consistently appear the next morning. That gem of a song is Not Today by Hillsong.

Even when I was playing throwback Miley (that I turned into a Halloween costume four years ago) or Kelly Clarkson’s Christmas album or Ed Sheeran and Beyoncé melt the world with their talents, Not Today was the song that I would sip coffee through a straw to for a solid two weeks.  Until my laptop did its own thing again. That’s irrelevant.


I listened to Not Today many times before this trend started occurring so it wasn’t complete craziness. However, I was never playing it at night so the fact that it was consistently there in the morning as “the song I was listening to when I was on Spotify last” didn’t add up. Thank you, God for fidgety technology.

At first, I didn’t give it much thought beyond ‘wow, this song is simply exceptional!’ as I  sent the link to my sister. But after day three of this consecutive occurrence, I smiled…quite a lotta bit.

And after day five and eight and eleven, reality hit that I needed to hear those lyrics. Beginning my day by telling Satan that he holds no power over me for the next 24 hours was completely necessary. I like to begin every day in prayer but acknowledging a second guy’s presence was transformative.

The lyrics are beautiful and I encourage you to slowly read through them. But it all boils down to these two lines:
Let the devil know not today
Not now not ever again

You may have seen similar lines on t-shirts or mugs or as a common expression. It’s fairly common. And I want it to be more common in my life and everyone else’s. The whole world. No one excluded, mmkay?


Acknowledging God in all his glory will always come first, of course. But if we are failing to acknowledge Satan, we are failing to stare evil in the eye and choose to overcome it. We are failing to be the best version of ourselves if we don’t look at who is fighting us to avoid that from happening. We are failing to leave this world better than how we entered it if we aren’t recognizing the one’s who mission it is to lead us further from this greatness that we are called to.

We’re in an ugly battle. One that has already been won. But we still have the daily opportunity to reconfirm or forget that. And it changes everything.

I hope you too have a laptop that serves you up this error. Because “Not today. Not now not ever again.” was the best error this macbook has thrown my way.


2018 Eats, You Look The Same

Who else wants to get up and run away from the dinner table when the conversation is about how we shouldn’t enjoy said dinner due to some nutrition nonsense traced back to a cover of a fitness magazine at the grocery store checkout? I’m raising both hands while running away.

My least favorite part about new years is the diet convo, food shaming, body hating, scale -focused shenanigans.  I see myself in this post and the dietitian who wrote it. A lot.

On the otha’ hand, my favorite part is not being affected by this while making goals that will actually better my soul. But I don’t believe goals should kick off on a January 1 or Monday or 7am. Forever vowing to initiate behaviors to be a better person on Thursday afternoons in March!

Anywayzzz, I thought I’d share what I’ve been eating as I’m sipping on a dreamy gingerbread latte. Because my meals and snacks look the same as any other day and any other year. They’re not more green or smaller portioned or dessert-less. They’re the flavors I crave, the textures I love and the substance that brings me together with those I love. They’re what enables me to be a better person on Thursday afternoons in March, a future mama, a vacation admirer and best friend to those I live a plane ticket away from.


Grilled cheese with danish fontina, boursin and pesto on rosemary thyme bread. “This is the best grilled cheese I’ve ever had” – my beautiful sister.

IMG_7469 2.jpeg

Assortment of macarons! Perfect for having a sampling party! The three of us liked the birthday cake (bright blue fella in the lower right corner) the best.


Pesto tilapia, cauliflower, brussel sprouts and quinoa. Topped with hot sauce after I snagged the pic. I made triple for lunch leftovers…always a good plan!


New Years Day slow morning breakfast = whole grain frozen waffles with sunflower butter and boysenberry jam, grapefruit slices and unpictured iced coffee.


Sick girl dinner of roasted red pepper soup with white cheddar cheez-its and microwaved frozen green beans. White cheddar cheez-its over alllll other varieties!


Acai bowl at a new local juicery with one of my best friends! Should’ve gotten the almond butter on top for increased satiety buuut it was still tasty!


A visit to Grandma’s house = endless leftover Christmas cookies. Chocolate crinkle and a good ole’ sugar cookie is what I grabbed.


Ugliest yet tastiest salad consisted of spring mix, grape tomatoes, broccoli, bell pepper, avocado, goat cheese, tuna and white balsamic vinaigrette! Followed by whole grain pita because this was lacking on carbs.


Work break snack of a chocolate peppermint covered pretzel! Perks of living with a teacher whose students adore her aka shower her with goodies.


Edamame noodles with roasted veggies, coconut aminos and extra hot sauce to clear the sinuses. Fuzzy leopard socks for added coziness.

I found peppermint ice cream past the holidays!!! My roommate and I were on a hunt because grocery stores stopped restocking it once January hit. I added on m&ms one night and a dark chocolate black bean brownie another because chocolate complements it best duhhh.

Much more in between these pics but that’s all for now! Nothing fancy or complicated. Gimme ease and takeout and a sweet way to end the day!

Saturday Satisfaction #10


Why hello there, holiday season!! My past week has been filled with friend lunch dates (tbt to this time last year…not much has changed!), cuddling up with my siblings who are temporarily home and pinning dreamy bathrooms alongside the crackling Netflix fireplace. And a few more things below that have been bringing me satisfaction!

Day trips with my best friend! Ann Arbor is about a hour from my house so I’ve been going with friends a few times a year. This pal of mine made the road trip with me while she performed monologues and we sang Ariana Grande Christmas songs over and over again. I scouted out Sava’s and Lab Cafe on Instagram (that’s my tip – always look to Insta for real people, real-life pics, real experiences – much better than top lists and website searching). We strolled the snowy streets, explored in cozy bookstores, ate mounds of sweet potato fries, sipped on brown sugar sea salt lattes and browsed a record store!


Hot yoga with Joe! I had two weeks off of work for the holidays (mhmm, I am blessed to work for a business that values family/friend time and rest) so I wanted to experiment with a new fitness class. I spotted a hot yoga studio with a two week special so I signed on up! It’s me with roughly six 40-50 years olds. It’s been a wonderful two weeks.


Petal Lane letter line! I snagged this letter line for a great deal on Cyber Monday. I like the personalization of these sort of signs but got sick of seeing the black letter boards with white letters plastered all over the Internet. When I saw this gray version, I was like yessss, please and thank you!


Evolved coconut butter cups! I grabbed this at the checkout for some movie theater snacking…and then I forgot it in my car…and then it was the best surprise ever when I found it in my car three weeks later. Coconut + dark chocolate = bliss.


Cheese party! Every six months, I coordinate an unofficial high school reunion with friends who now live all over the country and one in a different country. The theme (themes are very important) was “Oh Holey Night” aka cheese and wine annnd remarkable company. Above are the ladies I am lucky to call my friends and below was the spread before four more dishes arrived.


Five getting ready songs! Sometimes, I just turn off the radio and play these tunes on repeat.


Happy New Years Eve tomorrow!! My NYE plans = having takeout with my grandma and making this simple cocktail!


And Then I Lost Interest

Roughly three months have passed since I decided not to continue the path towards becoming a dietitian. I did not anticipate anything in my life to change except for my job position. And then I lost interest.

Savannah coffee

Interest in learning more about food and how the body responds to it. Interest in expanding my knowledge of phytonutrients and the benefits of adding them to your diet. Interest in knowing all the physical and psychological sides to disorders and daily processes. I simply don’t care to know more about blood sugar, metabolic rates and intolerances. I’ll take my coffee, enjoy it however brings me joy in that moment and sip it in my jungle of a view, why thank you!

I’m all for health. However, viewing food as a manipulative tool to achieve wellness isn’t for me. It’s just one category of the complex mix…our society doesn’t grasp that all too well. Howzabout we place equal attention on social vibrancy and alllll the sleep and a fruitful spiritual life?


Recently, I’ve been wishing that I could forget some of what I was taught. Sure, it comes in handy as I’m able to take care of myself better but in a different sort of sense than people assume when they view me as the “the healthy girl”. I pay attention to getting an adequate amount of vitamins, minerals and macronutrients so my body can function optimally. I also know that it has a sharp mechanism in place where it will communicate my needs to me. I leave it at that. No stress or guilt attached.

I’m not qualified to offer any sort of advice. I have crazy respect for those professionals who spent years and thousands of hours learning the intricacies of it all on a cellular level. But I have lost all the interest necessary to go into that career. Last week was the first time I processed that out loud. 

My coworker asked how I was doing in my new PR role and if I was missing dietetics. She laughed as I went on a tangent about how food is just food and on the most basic level, it’s essential in servings its purpose as a biological need but highly over complexed and superficial in the grand scheme o thangs.


Yes, I ultimately wanted to help people in significant matters with endocrine and reproductive health but with the qualifications I have now, hyper focusing on food is not going to do me well. But this girl and all other relationships I grow in over toast flights will.

I unfollowed all of my former favorite podcasts related to food and body, I don’t have any desire to read most dietitian blogs anymore and I would so rather meander through my apartment halls while on the phone with my college roommate than spend a good chunk of time in my kitchen roasting up vegetables and making no bake bites for the week.

I still love vegetables and I had planned on adapting these tonight to make pumpkin cranberry dark chocolate chips balls until I decided to blog instead. Both are delicious and crave-able and make tasty snacks. But what’s a cauliflower to a human person?! Sorry bout your luck, little man. Man in that sentence does not refer to a breathing one.

Trism Bowl

Shore thang, the creativity of food continues to intrigues me. I’m still thinking about these lamb meatballs with herbed rice, cabbage, pickled daikon, cilantro lime hummus and root veggie chips with sriracha aioli two weeks after I enjoyed it.  A wee tip for ya: don’t leave the empty bowl in your car unless you want your vehicle to smell like sriracha aioli. I got an air freshener called Bora Bora Waters as a result and I now ask anyone who steps foot in my car if they feel like they’re in Bora Bora.

When I’m not ordering oh so memorable bowls, I find cooking to be relaxing and innovative and a BLAST. I caught up on Greys Anatomy yesterday with this (half eaten) french toast. I was tempted to make it all over again for the sheer bliss that slow mornings in the kitchen bring me.

French toaaast.jpeg

I’ll wake up early, drive out of my way and wait in a 20 minute line for my favorite egg sandwich to ever ever exist inside this foxy bag.


I’ll sample the cinnamon roll apple crisp and the most rich peanut butter pie to grace this planet at Thanksgiving pie night. This spread was all made by two dear friends who find joy in bringing people together over pie. Bliss.


I’ll highly suggest a new vegan burger spot I found on Yelp to a friend and say thank you time a million and 3/4 because I drag her around to all my favorite foodie spots. She’s such a sport.

Eden burger.jpeg

I’ll make it my obligation to make sure my brother’s friend only has the best meals while visiting from Arizona. Two thumbs up for teriyaki bowls and bang bang nachos!


I’ll order this vietnamese iced coffee for the sole purpose of my job’s Insta while loving that fact that it was an excuse to sit me in my third favorite coffee shop. Yup, I have a list.


Because we are human and we’re made to enjoy life’s little pleasures. The pleasures that bring us around a table with loved ones and the ones where I wind down the night all by myself with the coziest of blankets and a glass of wine.

I may have lost a ton of interest in this category but that’s only cleared out space for other endeavors. While brushing our teeth the other night, my roommate and I shared our goals for 2018 (yaaa, we could barely understand each other with mouths full of foamy toothpaste but it was flawless). I decided on focusing on a single fella that gets me lit up but will also require a crazy investment with lots of challenge ahead.

I’m absolutely elated to give my interests a makeover.



Best Tuesday Ever!!

Every time I saw a past coworker of mine, I would say, “having the best Tuesday (or whatever day it may have been) ever?!” He proceeded to reply, “Kerigan, I have never had a good Tuesday. Who has good Tuesdays?”

Woooah, excuse me? I was literally saddened for him because he didn’t know the extraordinariness that each day holds. He waited for the weekend to have his “best day ever”. I suppose many do that but no, not I. Never ever I.


Maybe it’s because of Yelp-dates that made me fall in love with using weekdays to go on adventures with friends. I’m thinking so. In addition to a not-your-typical definition of health, that internship has given me one of my favorite little delights that now transforms my weeks into continual bliss: weekday plans.

For roughly eight months, I’ve made it a priority to not wait around for the weekend to make good memories. I’m naturally a planner so when I have an open slot in my schedule, I aim to use spend that time with as many friends or fam members as I can. It was initially an internship obligation but now, I can’t imagine my life without Tuesday night plans.


Weekday fun allows me to stay connected with so many different friends and especially, that one on one time that I value so much. It gives me a concrete thing to look forward to and my weeks no longer seem to lag. Although absolutely nothing is wrong with it, I am thankful that watching tv is not appealing to me. Give me allllll the face time after a full day of work, please!

Last week was happy hour, youth group, ice cream and a volunteer function. This week, it’s dinner, bible study, a speaker event and seeing my little cousin steal the show in a musical. This isn’t including my weekends where I saw and am going to see endless more beautiful faces. Good golly, I love the weekdays. Bonus points if I’m on heelys. Duhhhh.


I easily say “best Tuesday ever” just as much as “best Saturday ever”. I hope you do too. Oh and that former coworker ended up being the one to initiate “best Tuesday ever!” in no time. It’s contagious, I suppose!