Why I’m Ecstatic To Make New Recipes

I just watched Thursday’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy, ate the last two of these REMARKABLE salted chocolate peanut butter balls and am drinking a cold brew (fav kitchen item = Toddy) in bed before I venture off to the grocery store. They key is to wrap up the mug in a blanket so it doesn’t fall over. You’re welcome.


I’m so so excited to go to the grocery store. Because I have new recipes to try and a cleared out kitchen to back me up.

For Lent, I focused on my needs, not my wants which included taking a hard look at my food inventory. This may sound odd but being interested in food/cooking, I would still go grocery shopping when I had enough food at home to feed myself (regardless of how appetizing it sounded).

Ok, that’s probably not odd. I think everyone does this. We live in a country of excess annnd you already knew that. But it was bothering me. In addition to other areas of my life, excessiveness in any form was making me feel all. sorts. of. guilty.

I don’t need to buy jars of nut butter when I had 7 bags of nuts (now 3!) to whip up my own in a food processor. I don’t need to stock up on frozen veggies when they’re on sale because I already had 8 bags of broccoli, green beans and spinach at home. I will be just fine eating edamame pasta every week for lunch because I bought a Costco sized box of it in college. I graduated from college 50 weeks ago. Lesson learned: don’t buy Costco items to feed a large fam when I’m only feeding myself.

After weeks on weeks of extremely minimal grocery shopping, savings lots of $ in the process (that’s money to the donut fund hehe) and achieving a cleared out cupboard, fridge and freezer, I am now ECSTATIC to try new recipes. I am finally at the point where I need to buy more and it feels goooOod.


I strayed away from adventuring with new recipes before because I always had so much on hand that I just worked with what I could find. My meals came to fruition by throwing random veggies, grains and a protein source into a bowl. I paid attention to a macronutrient balance with some vitamins and minerals on board and called it a day.

I miss the intentional innovation. I miss trusting people who develop recipes for a living. I miss actually cooking instead of just roasting a pan of brussels sprouts, boiling brown rice and opening cans of tuna.

I don’t miss wandering through aisles of Kroger to buy items “just in case I’m in the mood for it sometime this week”, to “be prepared for the future” or thinking  “I gotta use this coupon!” Nor do I miss the view of overflowing boxes and bags of “staples” when I would open my cupboard.

I’m still working on incorporating the remaining dry ingredients I have on hand like dried figs, lentils and farro. Aka I’m making a fun lemony, goat cheese salad with those folks for lunches this week. I’m also spending some time in the kitchen this weekend to make:

These three recipes were all chosen with the most purpose…

  • I have breadcrumbs to use up for the veggie burgers.
  • I’m swapping grapes for raisins in the broccoli salad because I need to finish off a bag of raisins.
  • My boyfriend got me dark chocolate bars (90% cacao = theeee best) for V-Day that I still haven’t finished so I found a snack with chocolate involved. Yes, it’s exactly 2 months later and yes, this is why the whole evaluation of my groceries occurred.

Time to stop typing, throw a hat on to cover up my greasy hair, take my reusable bags on over to the grocery store and get to cooking so I can spend patio weather on a patio and not covered in tomato sauce, cashews and protein powder.


Letzz hope these recipes are tasty. Even if they aren’t my favorite, I will eat them and try again next week. Loving this super geeky, need-focused, food process.

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