Saturday Satisfaction #7

Shalom and welcome back to another post of things that are bringing me satisfaction!! It’s the longest list in this series so far but why cut down things that are making me smile these days?!


Purple cauliflower! Such a sweet elderly woman recently sold this to me at the farmer’s market. I’ve seen it before online but never before in person so I talked with her for a bit. She told me all about how its packed with antioxidants and that she wanted me to report back with my thoughts on it! I steamed half and threw the other half into a food processor to make “rice” of sorts. Tastes likes cauliflower, looks like a unicorn!


My built-in car candle! This fella came about as an accident about two years ago. I have to explain it to everyone who gets in my car for the first time because their reaction is one of a disgusted surprise…oops! I ran out of small candles to put in my cup holder (and an air freshener would be too logical!) so I grabbed two candle melts and threw them in this crevice in the wintertime. It melts and hardens based on the temperature and fulfills its purpose of making my car smell good!


The Peach Truck! The Peach Truck is a business in Nashville that does a annual tour every peach season to Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Indiana. I sadly missed the peach experience last year but was free to get a 25 lb. box when they were at the spot closest to my house! I’m waiting for them to ripen to make this peach crisp!


This t-shirt! I saw it on Pinterest and plopped it into my Etsy cart a few days later. I typically don’t buy clothes because I would rather spend my money on experiences and have two sisters of the same size…ya, it’s a beautiful thing! But I thought it was charming, it got solid reviews and makes me excited to start my own garden one day!


Clif nut butter filled bars (with a side of colored pens)! I usually like to make my own granola bars/no-bake bites because I can customize them and they are much more cost effective! But Kylie and Robyn (two of my favorite dietitian bloggers) both featured them in posts recently so I threw this and the coconut almond butter one into my grocery cart when I ran out of my snack stash. This + a side of almond milk = yumzaway!

Care/of vitamins! I learned of these personalized, super affordable and research-backed vitamin packs from Alexis. I used to be anti-vitamins/supplements because I thought that I could get everything I need from the food I eat. As true as that is, I recently analyzed every vitamin and mineral in my diet in a nutrition class and found that I was deficient in a few areas that I didn’t want to be. So I visited their website, filled out the survey and now, get sent a monthly box o’ vitamins at a ridiculously low cost for their high quality products. The packaging is precious and their customer service is amazing!


Cashew alfredo sauce! I just starting making my own nut milks (almond, hazelnut and cashew so far!) and wanted to use the remainder of the cashews for something fun. Cashews are THE BEST to play with because they are super creamy when blended. I just threw 1/4 cup soaked cashews (soaked for 2 hours), a wee bit of water, about 8 shakes of garlic powder and a pinch of sea salt into a magic bullet until all of the cashew pieces were blended. This is going to be a staple and my sister who things I eat weird food agreed!!

Blog posts about food as a biological need! Just like Kylie, I featured Rachael as one of my favorite dietitian bloggers. Last week, they both posted about how food is a biological need and how eating should be treated no different than breathing, drinking water and peeing. This may sound like an odd concept to you but both are SOOO worth the read when hunger is viewed as shameful too often. Visit Kylie’s here and Rachael’s here!


This lemon poppyseed cake! Just because it looks delightful and delicious! Well, actually it’s pretty timely because today is my 22nd birthday (eeeeks YAY!). I’m choosing my grandma’s famous cinnamon rolls (best present ever!!) over cake today but if I were to bake something to put candles into, it would be this…or this beautiful thang!

I hope your Saturday is full of things that bring you satisfaction! I’m off to go learn how to play archery with my sisters from a man who was on the Olympic archery team!! Will it become a new hobby? Maybay baybay.


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