WIAW: Home Sweet Sweet Home

HI hi! I haven’t done one of these WIAWs (What I Ate Wednesday) posts since January and the one before that was last summer. The infrequency is because I’ve been thinking ‘Why does anybody need to see what I eat in the hours I am awake? We all have different taste buds, food preferences, hunger cues, activity/stress levels and other lifestyle factors that all affect meal and snack choices. What I eat is different than everyone else. As it should be!’

However, it’s fun to gather up these pics for ideas and even just to peek into someone’s life! That’s why I still read them all the time from so many bloggers. P.S. an updated blogs I read post is coming next week!!


After sleeping in three hours past my usual wakeup time (don’t know why but my body is smarter than I’ll ever be), breakfast aka lunch was a whole grain english muffin with peanut butter, a thin layer of greek yogurt and strawberries! These strawbs were on sale yesterday and I’m ALL ABOUT shopping seasonal produce. Also all about this homemade snickerdoodle (added 2 dates, a bunch of cinnamon and 2 tsp maple syrup in the food processor) almond milk that I put in my iced coffee. Especially while enjoying it in a sunny spot in our living room!

My to-do list for the day was all over the place from finishing unpacking to preparing for my summer classes and making a CD for my car because I’m not a fan of the radio these days. I took a break for a snack plate.

This garlic spread is my new obsession. I got my mom hooked too. I had it with carrots, peppers, coconut oil potato chips and hummus. Followed up by a clementine for something sweet!


I made these healthy cookie dough bites with the leftover almond pulp from my almond milk making. I wanted something more substantial so while these cooled, I had POW! mac and cheese with lentil noodles. Nothing is wrong with regular noodles but I’m always looking to get in more vitamins and minerals. And was still hungry so I ate a big apple!

I read a few blog posts and got in a workout that was interrupted by helping my sister with her wedding registry. Gahhhh I love living with my sisters again! And cannot wait for my brothers to finish up their semesters this week to join us!

Last night, I made these chickpea walnut tacos with avocado crema and cabbage slaw in blue corn tortillas instead of sweet potatoes for the fam. DIVINE. I threw the “meat”, leftover slaw, sliced avocado, crushed up taco shell and salsa on a big base of romaine. Even betttta day 2!! Love when that happens!


I finished the night with an almond pulp cookie, typing up this post and reading some Brené Brown. Love her, this book, these cookies and this sweet home time. Hope your day ended just as nicely!


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