Saturday Satisfaction #6

These posts have gotta be one of my favorites to compile. It’s a wide mix of things in my life that I am loving. It’s not confined to food or friendship or faith or contentment. It’s life and it’s me. Letzzz get on to it.


Saturday morn strolls. My friend, Sarah, and I adventured to a new restaurant/event space. Their tagline is, “We believe in simple pleasures: flowers, bread, and a good cup of coffee.” YES PLEASE. It was the cutest place ever with the most magical lemon lavender scones! Whenever we get food, we naturally go for a walk afterwards and this walk in particular ended in a planned trip for the sole purpose of stargazing. Blissss. The amount of couples with strollers we passed cannot be counted. Blissss again.


Meredith Grey wisdom…and dance parties. Grey’s Anatomy is the only TV I watch each week. Maybe because Meredith’s conversations/pep talks/rants/dance moves are a beautiful thing!

za za za.JPG

This vegan pizza I had last night with my friend, Maddie (she’s the cutie in the glasses drinking tea in this post)! No, I’m not vegan and I don’t like food preference labels unless they are for ethical, religious or diagnosed allergy/intolerance purposes. I like food that makes me feel satisfied. And this pizza did just that! Ps, it’s from Paulie Gee’s Short North in Columbus if you wanted to order a pie for yourself!


My sister and her fiancé!!!! He proposed this past Tuesday and I am absolutely and utterly elated for these two! Next weekend, all of my and his siblings will be in town for Easter and we have many celebrations planned yay YAY yay!


This blog post. Whenever people ask me what I want to do as a dietitian, they kid/not so kid that I could use my PR knowledge to become a “lifestyle” dietitian. I always follow up with, “the world does not need another blogger/Instagrammer/lifestyle person who saturates your feed with ‘healthy’ food”. Yes, I am SO GRATEFUL for the intuitive eating bloggers I follow who have educated me and shaped my approach to nutrition. But the glorification, obsession and orthorexia that can result from following some folks in the “clean eating” Internet world (who I have now unfollowed) breaks. my. heart. Severely. This has opened my eyes to what our society needs in its health professionals aka me in many years. More thoughts on that for another time!


Graduation preparation shenanigans. We’re 22 days away, ladies and gents! My roommates and I are having a little “WE MADE IT” (Legally Blonde reference #2) bash and I posted this picture in the Facebook event.


This boy. His name is Brennan and I’m lucky to call him my brother! Look out for a guest blog from him this week about his study abroad experience in the fall and his most recent spring break trip to Belize. He’s sharing what he learned about himself and God through an injury, children he taught and more!!

I hope your Saturday is filled with people you love, lots of laughter and food that puts a smile on your face! My past Saturday Satisfaction posts can be found here: one, two, three, four and five.

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