Senior Year as Told by my Camera Roll

Whenever I’m asked my thoughts on graduating (4 weeks away eeeeks!!), I’ve noticed that I place the most emphasis on the people. Not about a lack of motivation to study or about the next steps that lie ahead. It’s all about the people. Always.


I’ll miss walking into the library and seeing eight different friends on the first floor that I can make my rounds to before opening a book. I’ll miss calling them up and asking if I can take them out on a Yelpdate because yes, one of my internship tasks is to go on a weekly adventure with a companion. I’ll miss the five ladies I live with whose rooms I can leave Easter eggs with notes inside (this was a few days ago aka a full month before the holiday) just because. Not a single one questioned it because we’ve been friends since freshman year and they know me.

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 4.32.45 PM.png

These people make my life full. They brighten my day and let me brighten theirs right on back. They don’t resist being the giver of compliments and I’m not talking about any sort of empty superficial shenanigans. They (or the food we share) fill my camera roll because looking through my photos makes me treasure the beauty of friendship all the more.SIX

I know I’ve written about topics related to this recently but that’s because this season of life is teaching me a lot about how to love and be loved. By the people who I pass walking to class every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7:53am, those who slide a card under my door to thank me for being a friend and the ones who laugh with me when I wake up from my nap in the movie theater. I truly admire those who can stay awake in movie theaters…aka the vast majority of the population. Ooops!


Never have I ever left so many open spaces for people in my schedule. These spaces which have previously been for studying more, editing papers more, planning ahead more, cleaning more. On top of that, never have I ever thrown my schedule out the window to do my best to say as few no’s to social outings as possible.


This has caused an interesting, almost unfamiliar semester to me. I saw two of the lowest scores I’ve ever received in my entire college career two weeks in a row and I was perfectly ok with it. I am moving more and sleeping more because heck, I don’t have the largest lymphatic organ so taking care of myself is especially essential for my compromised immune system. I have not allowed myself to think, ‘I could be more productive if I was doing ________ instead’. So when my sister calls me for the second time in one day, I answer it and I don’t rush it.  One day, I was so engaged in our conversation that I missed the florist at my door because a sweet man had flowers delivered to me. Yes, I choose to talk to him too knowing that I could be using that time to check things off of my rigid-free to-do list instead.


I’ve been talking a lot about this shift with my younger sister who at first, laughed at me and said I had a major case of senioritis. No. I can wholeheartedly say it is not that because I wholeheartedly also know my work ethic. I understand my potential as a student. But more importantly, I understand it as a friend. After the best Christmas break of my life, I decided I would carry out the same mindset of seeing each friend as a prize in this 16 week semester that will culminate with me walking across a stage in a cap and gown.


I feel like I could keep writing on and on about this and throw some more pictures at you but I have a fish fry to go to with a group of my favorite gal pals! After that, my older sister and her boyfriend will be waiting for me at my house to take me out with a group of their friends in the area. This wide open weekend with nothing to do but spend sweet time with them two is about to be entirely blissful! You bet my camera roll is about to grow. ONE.png

These final four weekends of being an undergraduate student and weekdays in between will be full of bliss too. Because people are all around me all the time. And we, as human beings, are made for relationships. We are made to love and be loved. Don’t ever let anything fog your understanding of that.


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