My Favorite Breakfasts!

People ask me what I eat allllll the time. Maybe it’s because I share with them that I absolutely love spending my time in the kitchen and hardly ever follow a recipe. Or because they see me snacking on something and are curious about what other foods I enjoy. Or possibly because of my new career goal in the making as a registered dietitian (happiest Registered Dietitian Day to you, by the way!).

I don’t know the answer but I’m content to share my answer with you: breakfast edition! Breakfast is my FAVORITE part of the day. I crave slow mornings. I savor each moment before I have to walk out my door at 7:51 to make it to my 8am at 7:58. The stillness, coffee and Jesus time are absolute bliss! It is common for me at any given day to think, ‘I just really wish it was tomorrow morning already.’ Tomorrow morning is always the best!

Most days, I wake up hungry so breakfast is engrained into my morning routine. Maybe breakfast isn’t your sweet raspberry chia jam and that’s cool too! I am not advising you to eat these foods if you don’t enjoy them. I am not advising you to eat what’s on my plate if they do not meet your nutrition needs. These are my favorite breakfasts that are always on rotation but there are many others out there that may be more suited for you! I hope this gives you a few ideas or maybe it will simply be fun to scroll through 🙂

Van’s whole grain waffles topped with greek yogurt, drizzled almond butter and blackberries.



Overnight oats! My favorite is with blueberries (frozen > me!) and a warm combo of nut butter (Trader Joe’s Mixed Nut Butter is my current picking) and coconut oil. Or in a nearly empty nut butter jar because that is purely and indescribably heaven!


Smoothie-ing it on up! I typically don’t go for this until later in the day unless I’m home alone when I wake up. I feel terrible using the blender at 6am in a house full of sleeping girls with busy days ahead. My go-t0 is half a banana, blueberries, spinach, coconut almond milk, half scoop Vega protein, spirulina and occasionally topped off with cacao nibs, bee pollen or homemade granola! Pro tip: it’s a grand idea to drink a dark green smoothie poured to the brim in your white bed.


Avocado toast! SO good topped with tomatoes and/or a fried egg and/or olive oil and sea salt! Even better shared with a friend!


Annnd another toast because the possibilities are so endless…parfait toast! It’s sprouted bread with greek yogurt, berries and homemade granola (just oats tossed in coconut oil, vanilla extract and cinnamon and baked until it becomes golden!)


Honorable mention: Griddle muffin breakfast sandwich from Baba’s in Columbus. If I could re-create this masterpiece to half of the glory that it is, I would. This was theee most delicious english muffin, egg, havarti cheese and zucchini and carrot ribbons. YUMZ.



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