The Best Food I Ate This Week

And it has nothing to do with the food. Let’s back up to last week’s grueling nutrition class.

I’m not one to complain. I try to find the good in everyone and everything and only speak about these things while keeping the negative aspects to myself. It’s usually never necessary for others to hear them and it only brings the mood down. As the Bishop of Columbus said today (I wrote this on Saturday, February 18) at the Columbus Women’s Catholic Conference, “A Christian’s tongue should look like swiss cheese from biting it so many times.” TRUE.

However, the nutrition class I’m currently taking is different than I was hoping. Last week, the topic was weight management. You should just see my notes. I wrote phrases like “Ew.”, “I hate this” and “NOOOOO” on my printed PowerPoint slides.

Yes, it’s an important subject matter as many people genuinely do not know how to care for their bodies. But the manner and tone in which it was taught  1) broke my heart and 2) left me aggravated. I ranted to my roommate as soon as I walked in the door and she just smiled and told me she likes when I rant because I rarely do.

I fully understand that the students in the class who laughed along have not been exposed to the mental health side of nutrition as I have. I also fully respect my professor and recognize that she is highly educated and holds a fair amount of experience in dietetics. But learning about ways to control hunger like hunger is a disease that needs to prevented at all costs made me want to get up and leave. I didn’t and wrote those phrases above instead. The phrases kept coming as the class with nonexistent compassion went on and on and onnnn.

I LOVE hunger. I love the feeling of hunger. I love it because it’s a physical signal that allows me to trust my body. It will tell me when it needs energy and nutrients or when it’s good to go. This day-long communication gives me the choice to respect myself while giving my body the ability to work endlessly for me in every system (heyyyo brain, skin, muscles, bones, hormones, blood, heart, lymphatics, etc.). Hunger is a beautiful beautiful thing!

And when hunger is paired with relationships, I’m in bliss. My favorite part about food is undoubtedly how it brings people together. 98.6% of the time, family/friend gatherings and life celebrations have a food component. Not because hunger needs to be controlled but because in the relationship building, we get to share in the life-giving act of nourishing ourselves. Whether it’s food that allows our bodies to function optimally or food that feeds our souls, the emphasis (for me and I hope you too!) is the conversation, laughter and memories being made. Eeeeeks who wants to share a meal with me soon because this is literally the sweetest thing!!!!

So with my ranting passion turned excitement, I’m leaving you with pictures of food/people/both from the past seven days. Partly due to my internship with Yelp and partly because I treasure one on one time with my friends, this week was overfillllled with time spent with the loveliest of people I have a honor of knowing over food.

As the title states, this is the best food I ate this week. Because of the people I ate it with and absolutely nothing to do with the actual food. Pleasure is SO IMPORTANT in eating but if I put that above relationships, I would be a living an extraordinarily sad life. If you want to read about this topic further from actual registered dietitians and not a girl who will (hopefully) be one in four years, read this and this and this.

Saturday, February 18: Cake at Katie’s baby shower! I met this sweet girl three years ago when we lived in the same dorm as little college freshman. She’s my first friend (my age) to have a baby so the excitement for her little girl to arrive IN THREE WEEKS (NOW TWO) is the highest. The chocolate cake to celebrate her and the life she is bringing into this world was lovely!


Sunday, February 19: Coffee with Shruti! After receiving the best nourishment this world has to offer in the Sacrifice of the Mass, I introduced my dear friend, Shruti, to my favorite coffee shop (Coffee Connections in Hilliard for you Columbus people!). We snagged the best seats in the house (literally a renovated house) for longer than our parking meters allowed. Did we get all the work done that we intended to? Nottta chance. But we savored our coffee and each other’s presence even more!


Monday, February 20: Vegan Monday with Maddie! One of the bloggers I follow created a vegan menu for a Columbus restaurant that is only served once a week so I took my favorite vegan pal! Maddie is the best listener, most grand story teller, super silly and a wise wise girl with the biggest of dreams . She is the type of person whose presence makes you feel fully alive…oh do I love her! We split a tempeh reuben, truffle fries and a warm salad with kale, brussel sprouts and apple slaw. MAJ.


Tuesday, February 21: Pizza Party with Liv! I had an event to go to and was able to bring a friend so Olivia graciously joined me! We met each over email when a professor asked us to work on a PR project together and we’ve clicked since then! This event was a pizza party collaboration with a fried chicken restaurant and a pizza shop to raise money for a local nonprofit. There’s nobody I would rather eat fried chicken and a pickle on pizza and a sweet tea cocktail with!

Wednesday, February 22: Sushi with Maria. Maria and Liv are roommates so I snagged one after the other to catch up with 🙂 After switching my career path and no longer being in our school’s communication building, Maria and I hardly see each other so it was beeeyond necessary that we matched up our Google calendars. Eating immense amounts of sushi followed by playing Yahtzee in a fort we made in her living room made our hearts immensely full! You can never ever ever be too old for a fort!


Thursday, February 23: Fancy Cocktails in Low-Key Places with Sarah. Each week, my internship releases an online newsletter and I get to try out one of the spots with a friend! This week’s newsletter was titled, “Fancy Cocktails in Low-Key Places” so my bestdafrand, Sarah, and I ordered the coolest cocktails on the menu (hers had bee pollen like WUHT YES PLEASE). She proceeded to patiently wait as she always does when I took 402 pictures and insta stories. We followed this with pizza and a nice long walk n’ talk in my favorite part of the city aka what both of us so desperately crave (the quality time, not pizza hehee)!


Friday, February 24: Pho with Yelpers! We did an event for Columbus Kindness Month so I had a PHOtoshoot and the next day, was at the restaurant again for lotza hours to greet Yelpers and explain the event’s process. Meeting people you’re friends with on the Internet for the first time in person is seriously strange. Yet also refreshing that you already know who each other are and have a common bond over being foodies! I had quite a few memorable conversations over this incredible Vietnamese soup!


What’s the best thing you ate this week?! Call me, Facebook message me, write me a handwritten note, leave a comment. None of the above or all of the above. I want to know how a meal or latte or ice cream cone brought you together with a pal or 27 🙂


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