Saturday Satisfaction #5

Hallelujah, this week is over!! I don’t like wishing away time but this week was a rough and tough one in the area of academics. But today will be the opposite of rough and tough because I’m off to a Tea 101 class for my internship with expert tea makers. They are coming in from five hours away just for this class! WUT. Count that as #1 in this list of what has been bringing me satisfaction!



Of Dirt And Grace album by Hillsong! Talk about blissful studying tunes! I was getting into a music rut but so thankfully discovered this album on Spotify. It’s pretty much their Empires album but recorded where Jesus did his ministry…YA! SO COOL! I have the sweetest memories connected with their Empires album because it came out around the time I created this bloggy blog and was head over heals for Jesus all over again.  Check it out!


Couponing! Who’s surprised? I’m an 83 year-old-woman stuck in a 21-year-old body. I recently got the iPhone 7 and the extreme amounts of storage is making me want to twirl around for days! I’ve been playing around in the app store and naturally found myself downloading all the grocery store apps. My favorites are Flipp, Kroger’s and have I’ve continued to use Fresh Thyme’s.

Fun food messages! Being in a world surrounded by annoying food packages that boast in their 100 calorie glory, are plastered with ‘Fat Free’ messages when there should most definitely be fat in ice cream and countless others that are created by corporations who couldn’t care less about your health is taxing. So when I found pleasant messages like these, I had to share them! They are from this chocolate bar and this can of coffee. You bet I purchased both with a coupon!


This dog! Just because! I am not an animal lover in any shape or form or angle or rhombus. But dogs have been the hot topic in my house because my roommate is contemplating getting one. I want to name him Marvin! She laughed. I still want to name him Marvin.


The Basilica and National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception! I went a few weeks ago when I was in DC for the 44th Annual March for Life. The basilica is basically the most beautiful church with the most beautiful small chapels devoted to Mary all along the left and right sides. I failed to take a picture of what has stayed on my mind since. It was a statue of Mary in one of the chapels with the engraving, “Mary is more Mother than Queen”. I’ll be reflecting on this beautiful wisdom for a loooong time!


Making my own hummus! As I talked about in my previous What I Ate Wednesday, I volunteer for a nonprofit that does healthful food education and cooking classes. Two weeks ago, hummus was on the menu and the three older gentlemen in the class that took on that task assigned me as their taste tester. So maybe that brought me WAY more joy than whipping up my own but that class gave me the idea to start making my own instead of throwing it in my cart each week! It’s so very easy, the creativity is endless and I just cant stop thinking, ‘This is how hummus is supposed to taste’! My first batch was garlicky lemon and I’m swooooning over this freshness.

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