100 = 15 x Gratitude

ONE. HUN. DRED. POSTS. Kerfully craziness is what I call that!

This blog has been unexpectedly delightful in more ways that I can communicate to you.  From the people who tell me they stumbled upon it, the conversations that spark from it and the most random group of people that I have an excuse to ask questions to because “it’s for my blog!” has been a blessing well beyond any means of measurement. Yes, I believe that is infinity.

Example A: This is my friend’s Facebook status that she posted just a few minutes after emailing me her responses (below!). Eeeeks!! Talk about infinite blessings!

Maybe my mom, younger sister, deacon at my church and grandma (when I remember to print them out for her) are the only people who I think actually read these working of my mind on a consistent basis. But I didn’t create it for views or to potentially make money one day. I created it for these kinda blissful moments. Wednesday mornings where I can share with you how pals of mine are living out gratitude.

After a little reflection of my own gratitude and how I live that out, I came up with two questions. And when you want to know the answers and can say, “it’s for my blog!”, I gathered the answers.

  1. What is the one thing you are most thankful for?
  2. Do you think your life is reflective of this?

Enjoy this Wednesday morning reading or whenever you find yourself in the ranks of Deacon Ed on this space. These 15 anonymous people who I all met in the past year (gotta break up the wisdom from my other Q&A posts!) are inspirational to me. Seriously. You’ll pick up a trend of their answers reeeaal quick.

Please carve out some time to read to the end because my girl, thedancer7461, (yes, I call her by her ancient AOL screen name hehee) ended this with complete and utter truth that will hopefully give ya something to ponder AND act upon!

Lorna’s words have been taped to my laptop for about a year now. Please steal my idea because it is the loveliest reminder all the day long!


ONE: 1. Without a doubt, I am most thankful for my family. Since moving away recently, I have become more aware of the profound impact they have on my life, and my relationship with my family has grown and strengthened immensely! We are closer than ever and I am more thankful for that than anything else. // 2. I really think my life is reflective of this! I make a point to make sure that my family knows I value their support and love. I am thankful to have such a family that I do. They are supportive of me as I am supportive of all of them. I have seen too many families around me enter into hard times due to superficial values and priorities, and as sad as that is, I have learned from seeing people experience that heartache just what it is I value.

TWO: 1. I would have to say I’m most grateful for all of the extraordinary people that have come into my life and shaped me to be who I am today. Every person I have met has touched me in some way and I am so appreciative of the laughs, smiles, and support that has characterized life thanks to some amazing individuals. // 2. Yes I do I try to prioritize relationships in life and always make time for family and friends! At the end of the day, people are what matter so it’s important to put them first.

THREE: 1. That’s a toss up between God, family, and the kids I teach/coach every single day. Without God none of it would be possible. Without my family and their unbelievable support I wouldn’t be where I’m at today. The kids just make everything worth it to see them succeed or teaching them lessons about life. Seeing them excited to come to my classes or practices knowing they can feel safe and do their best makes all of the little things worth it. Seeing them in the hallway or around the community and having their faces light up knowing they can come up to you at any time and tell you anything they feel they need to. Nothing replaces that feeling. // 2.Yes I do think my life is reflective of this. I’ve always loved kids and loved the idea of teaching life lessons and being myself. That’s the best part about working with kids that I love what I do and in the smallest ways you can help mold them into better people.

FOUR: 1. I am most thankful for my family and my upbringing. // 2. Yes. I think this is very reflective of how I make choices and where I am today in my life.

FIVE: 1. The one thing I am most thankful for is the ability to love and be loved. Over and over, the Bible mentions love and the constant love that Jesus has for us. His love never fails as mentioned in 1 Corinthians. Because of this love we are able to love others and be loved by others, which is the most important thing that life has to offer. // 2. I hope so! However, there is always room for improvement and always more love to be shared! It’s the greatest ability we are given and with that each day I try to find new ways in which I can share love with others so they may come to understand how much they are unconditionally loved.

SIX: 1. I am thankful for my depression because it has made me into the person I am today and I appreciate life more. It has given me the opportunity to find beauty where people don’t look for it and I have grown so much closer to my family because of it! // 2. I notice a difference in the way I live but I’m not sure if other people can tell. I have been told that I react more mature to situations now that I have accepted that I have it. I used to look at it as something negative and hide it from people, but recently I have used my story to help people and encourage people so they know they aren’t alone. Ever since I have acknowledged I have it and I am thankful for it, my mind is at peace 🙂

SEVEN: 1. The one thing I am most thankful for is my family. Growing up in a big family was the best thing my parents have done for me. Whenever I say I have seven siblings, people are shocked.  I never really valued them like I should have until recently. I am the youngest of my family and as my siblings become married and start their own families and jobs, I see less and less of them. I am also a sophomore in college so I only come home for the summer and winter breaks. This Christmas was the first Christmas that my family was not all together. The saying “You don’t know what you have till it’s gone” is so true.  My family is my biggest supporter and when nursing school gets stressful or I am having a bad day, they are the ones that I call and look forward to seeing the most. If I didn’t have their presence in my life, I think my life would be a lot different then it is today. Each one of them have taught me so much. A lot of the time it may be patience, but mostly how to love. // 2. I don’t think my life is reflective of this. I recently was talking to my friend about how if she comes down to Georgia, I would really want her to stay at my house and meet my family. She really didn’t like this idea because she was afraid she would not get along with them. As I asked her more about this she said, “You just haven’t ever talked highly of them before and you don’t seem to get along with them.” I was going to get mad and say that is not true, but I realized it is true! I think I complain about the little things they do that annoy me instead of appreciating everything they do for me. Being the youngest of the family I think I tend to dwell on what my family can do for me rather than what I can do for my family members.

EIGHT: 1. At this stage in my life, the thing I am most thankful for is being blessed with family members and loved ones close to me that I can rely on for support when times are difficult, and celebrate together when things are great. There are many unknowns and uncertainties that I and many other young adults are facing in life as we are transitioning out of college and taking on more responsibilities, so for me having a consistent presence that I can count on is vital. It is equally gratifying to be able to return the favor to them as well. // 2. Thats a good question! I believe it is, I have never been one to need or seek out having a large group of friends. At the end of the day, there are only a handful of people that have been with me every step of the way and whose opinion and guidance are ones that I truly value to my core. Day to day I sometimes find myself taking for granted those people, however, life has a funny way of reminding me that I cannot do it on my own nor would I want to.

NINE: 1. I’m definitely most thankful for all the people in my life, from my family, my friends from home and all the people I’ve met in college! // 2. I definitely think it is. I’m so grateful for everyone in my life and I always try to make sure they know that. I really feel that everyone in my life influences me to be the person I am today.

TEN: 1. I would say I am most thankful for supportive parents who encourage me to do things out of my comfort zone. // 2. 100%.  I don’t think I would have gone to school as far away from home as I did if my mom (especially) didn’t really push that it was a good idea.  No one leaves my hometown and without that I probably would have stayed forever.  That is one of the bigger examples, but in little things too.  I had to be in a musical activity throughout high school…which was choir for me and although I did not enjoy it everyday it for sure shaped me as a person.  Finally sports.  I was able to play three sports and all the extra teams that came with that in the summer.  Regardless if I ever felt I wasn’t good enough to play it was always a situation of it being a great opportunity that would open doors.  I think I now go into activities always thinking that even if I hate it, I might meet my future boss or coworker and that comes from my parents.

ELEVEN: 1. I am most thankful for the various mentor figures that I have encountered throughout my early life. Their guidance led to several well defined turning points in the way I view the world, and helped me to better understand myself. I view perspective as one of the most valuable things one can have in life, and I wouldn’t have nearly the amount of it that I do had it not been for the teachers, friends, and advisors that have served as my mentors. // 2. I definitely feel that my life reflects this value I put in my mentors. I try my best to view myself not as a purely isolated entity, but as a factor in a much broader world. I like to think that reflecting on what others’ impact on me has been helps me to redirect myself when I get caught up in the little day to day annoyances, and instead focus on the bigger picture.

TWELVE: 1. I’d have to say I’m most thankful for the education I’m getting! // 2. Yes, I definitely do think that my life is reflective of this. I used to go to a university in Bangalore, India…this environment was restricting me from learning and growing until one day I was contacted by the coach here [college in United States] who offered me a scholarship and I took the opportunity. What I have had here for the past 2 and a half years has changed my life and my perspective of things. I’ve become more independent, I’ve learned the subjects the way they are meant to be learned, I’ve learned to be humble and the whole experience together has allowed me to grow so much more than what the education back home would’ve let me. It might not be true for everyone but for me and the field that I’ve wanted to study, I think this has been far better than home.

THIRTEEN: 1. I am most thankful for my parents. I am very blessed to have grown up with two loving parents that have done nothing but constantly support me throughout my young twenty one years. My mom and my dad are my rock. They bond we share is and unbreakable and the qualities that have instilled in me have made me who I am today. As I a growing into my adult years, I am constantly realizing I become more and more like them everyday. I find myself saying “I am turning into my mother,” way too often, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. The older I become, the more I realize all my parents have done for me. I think back to times when I would get so frustrated with them. My parents would always encourage (force lol) me to go up to people I played basketball against and strike up a conversation and ask how they are doing or simply order a pizza over the phone. These two small requests my parents had has instilled a quality in me most people my age don’t posses. Those task gave me the ability to become successful in internship positions and has equipped me with life-long skills. I owe that all to my wonderful parents. We may not always agree, or understand the reasoning with the requests they give us, but I can guarantee it is part of a bigger picture. // 2. I completely think this is a reflection of my life. As I explained above, at first I didn’t see the bigger picture, but I now understand it is complete.

FOURTEEN: 1. I’m most thankful for my family, faith and friends. // 2. Yes, my family taught me at a young age the importance of giving back to the community and all of my volunteering started with faith-based work. My friends are the only ones who get why I do what I do and because of their support I am able to make an even larger impact on the world.

FIFTEEN:  1. The one thing I am most thankful for is the love my friends and family show me regardless of my flaws, imperfections and mistakes. I constantly know I have a support system and that people have my best interest at heart. At the end of the day, I am thankful for love because it can be hard to come by in today’s world. // 2. I think my life is unfortunately not reflective of this. Now that I think about it, I don’t tell the people that love me how much I love them nearly enough as I should. I need to work on showing my appreciation more towards the people that show care and love towards me.


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