WIAW: I Wish I Was a Little Bit Taller

I wish I was a little bit taller.
I wish I was a baller.
I wish I had a french toast bake who looked good, I would call her.

I hope you got the reference. And if you did not, you needta listen to this song. If we ever play Bananagrams together, I may play it during the rounds to increase the intensity. My family loves it. Maybe.


Anyways, welcome to another day of eats in my poorly lit kitchen – Tuesday, January 17th edition! My first meal of the day was a good looking piece of french toast bake. Complemented by warm drippy peanut butter and natural maple syrup, of course!

I simply ripped up eight sprouted grain hamburger buns, added wild blueberries (MUCH more superior to regular blueberries), 10 eggs whisked with almond milk and cinnamon galore. Baked at 350 for a half hoursish…I do not use timers but it will be ready when the top becomes slightly golden! It made 12 delightful pieces and now I have breakfast for over almost two weeks yeeee!


After anatomy & physiology class and a visit to the gym, I walked in the door and went immediately for a dark chocolate zucchini donut. My go-to lately for a mid morning snack/early lunch is a smoothie but my ravenous self needed a snack beforehand.


My post-donut smoothie was half of a frozen banana, wild blueberries, frozen spinach, half scoop Vega protein powder, 1 teaspoon spirulina and unsweetened almond milk! And always always always a bridesmaid straw.

I listened to a Fr. Mike podcast while I sent a few emails, did a bit of cleaning and then had to get out the door for my nutrition class. This was just the third class of the semester but I already know it is going to be a party and then some! My professor is a registered dietitian so I am fan girling. And then some!


Brett Young sang to me for two hours (EP on loop) while I did some Yelptern (Yelp intern) thangs. Snacks included carrots with sriracha-ey baba ganoush and a KERa KERa orange (actually cara cara but ya know!). To prep myself for an eventful evening, I made a blissful iced matcha latte (straw included) while discussing this sweet roommate of mine’s wedding planning shenanigans. Shalom, sibs!!


I left for a student organization meeting on campus and from there, drove to Local Matters for cooking training. Local Matters is a nonprofit I just started volunteering with that does healthful food education. Apart from teaching all ages of the community how to cook with nutrient dense foods on a budget that may include SNAP or WIC, their emphasis is on relational dialogue. Gahhhhh I love it!!

I knew traffic would be awful so I left a tad before rush hour and packed my dinner to have in the parking lot. My obnoxiously bright pink lunch box contained a salad, apple and this butternut squash pasta. I did not touch the salad because it did not sound satisfying but the pasta was incredible and made outta green lentils so it is protein and flavor packed!


On the drive home, I was craving one of my favorite snacks: nut butter and dark chocolate stuffed dates. I chose sunflower butter and a few chunks of a 85% cacao bar. HITS THE SPOT EVERY TIME.


I changed into the comfiest of clothes, snuggled up with this lavender kombucha, dove into homework and then my new years’ resolution. NYR =  read at least one page of something unrelated to school (in addition to my Bible) every single day. Today’s selection was this incredible blog post! I am currently making my way through Emily Stimpson’s book so I enjoy keeping up with her blog too 🙂

Post script: I do not wish I was a little bit taller. Good day to you!!


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