Home Eats!

Christmas break is treating me toooOo well! Treats and non-treats alike.

We’re talking ample amount of family time, much needed coffee and lunch dates with old friends, reading galore, movies on repeat and laughter without limits.


The to-do list is as loose as can be. Aka perfection! Once or twice, my dad may have come home from work and asked me if I had brushed my hair all day. My answer is no sir!

No matter what’s on my agenda, I’ve been rapping to Grow Food with my siblings in our kitchen EVERY DAY. You seriously need to listen to this song by Appetite For Change. AFC is a nonprofit in Minneapolis and created this video to promote healthy foods in their community.

Here’s a small glimpse of what I’ve been chopping up! That sentence is so much more fun to say after you watch their music video 🙂

Overnight oats with toppings and a gold spoon (helllllo Target; $2)


Loaded sweet potato with black beans, avocado, salsa, nutritional yeast and  sautéed onions and bell peppers


Dark chocolate! My brother studied abroad in Austria this semester and brought us all chocolate bars. 85% for meeeee…I’ve taught him well!


Kroger’s new line of kombucha is zyuum!


Banza (chickpea noodle) mac and cheese with a side of fuzzy socks!


Dark chocolate chia pudding topped with cacao nibs!


I’m off to savor great company, tacos and margs with my dad and three other father-daughter duets of my dear friends!

I hope your holidays and life are filled with LOTS of good food with LOTS of good people! Not much more makes me happier than this simplicity!



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