Recent ReeeaDs

I love love love to read (just about anything that nourishes the soul – yes this image below is a Seth Cohen quote for you OC fans). And I love love love to write but only when I have thoughts collected and a passion to write on a particular topic.


Lately, I’ve just been reading blogs and articles and soaking up ALL of the knowledge without much inspiration to write some of my own. Maybe it will change soon and maybe it won’t…we shall see!

Below is what I recommend to you/Christians/Catholics out of what I’ve been reading! Read it to Johnnyswim’s Christmas album (or about any rendition of Ave Maria because it’s my recent obsession) while eating this gingerbread banana bread (gingerbread > pumpkin, no doubt!) and you have found blisssss.

PS: I capitalized the R and D because I’m a #RD2Be aka Registered Dietitian in the making.  The holiday season = countless conversation with relatives and friends I haven’t seen in a while so informing them of this new path is endless…yipppeeeee!

On joy: “Nothing empties the power of the gospel faster than a Christian who laments their daily walk.”

On being pursued in a relationship: “You deserve a relationship that is certain and steady, not uncertain and dramatic.”

On…well…life. You’re going to want to read every last word: “Your worth is endless as it is not connected to a world tied to an end. It is connected to a God without ending.”

On soulmates: “We should not expect another person to complete us. Let God do that.”

On Mary: “From the moment of conception to the foot of the cross, she is the perfect embodiment of the obedience of faith (CCC 144).”


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