Find Your Own Calcutta

Happy happy Monday to you you you! Repetition makes me happy if you cannot tell.

I’m sharing another thing that makes me happy and that is God-fearing woman who are not ashamed of sharing their thoughts with the world. I was listening to episode 5 of Leah Darrow’s podcast (let it role as you’re getting ready and let your mornings forever be changed! ps it’s free!) on my trip back to school from Thanksgiving break and she quoted Saint Mother Teresa.


Leah shared, “Find your own Calcutta.” Initially, you may think it’s harsh. Especially coming from a saintly, humble and kind woman. But it’s true. Very very true. Just like Pope Francis continually informs us to start with our family, St. Mother Teresa is telling us that we don’t need to go overseas or to a far off land to love. Individuals in our own community are fragile and neglected.

We each have a Calcutta.

This is your sibling, roommate, mailman, grocery store bagger and banker. It’s your literal neighbor, homeless man on the street corner, barista, cousin and customer service operator. It may very well be you because we are all broken people in need of every drop of grace. Either way, you don’t need me to continue on with more lists to identify the suffering. St. Mother Teresa says we will find these folks wherever we go. No location is off limits.

I am certain that the Lord has placed us where we are for a reason. And that is to love immensely. This can literally change the world! Weeeee how joyful and hopeful does this make you?! tumblr_ohdo6g2Dih1shcqiqo1_540.jpg

Like many, I’ve had thoughts that I need to go overseas to serve because I am in such a comfortable life in my own community. I’ve thought that I can’t do enough if I’m not fully immersed in a service project or old enough to financially afford a large donation or give all of my time as a retired person. But my eyes were and are fogged. Picture a thick layer of gray itchy dust… and now this is making my eyes water. Because first, I have not given enough attention to how I can act now. There will never be a “right” time if I’m chasing St. Mother Teresa’s Calcutta.

I have my own that God has specifically designed and given to me. Comparison can leave now because it doesn’t look like anyone else’s. Setting the world on fire (phrase shoutout to St. Catherine of Sienna – these women saints are rocking it!) is going home and fully being who I am meant to be.


The beauty in this is that our talents, skills and careers lead to various types of love and all sorts of communities. Professionally, I have a good sense of what my Calcutta will be as a dietitian but that is over four years away. That is a looong time to not find another Calcutta(s) right where I am. Just as I am. And with what I have in this moment.

This Monday, November 28 (or whenever you read this), identify your own Calcutta. Maybe two. Stay where you are for a while and ask God to open your eyes to those around you who are aching physically, mentally, spiritually and/or emotionally. Allow your heart to break for what breaks Jesus’ heart. And please don’t let fear stop you from acting on it.

Lots of prayers for you, your Calcutta(s) and every Calcutta in the world. xo

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