Fall-Filled Blissss

Hiiiya, pals! Today I’m sharing some recent standouts in my fall-filled days that have been making my life all the more blissful. Scroll on down for food, friends, nature and a few quick reads that hopefully bring you as much content as they do for me!


KALE. PESTO. YUMMUS. Some call it hummus but that is not a typo. This stuff is glorious especially when it is on mega sale at my grocery store!! The flavor is what dreams are made of, hemp seeds give it lots of texture, protein and healthy fats annnd it tastes good slathered on everything.



I snagged this Insta pic from my beautiful friend, Sarah, because I just returned from our venture to the last day of our favorite outdoor farmers’ market. Something about waking up early on a Saturday, spraying dry shampoo all over my head and throwing on a fluffy vest to stock up on local bee pollen and apple cider jam with the best company makes my heart want to explode! I crave slow mornings especially after a week of working overtime on fake wedding shenanigans (I cannot complain about my fun internship) so this was much needed times 23.



I think I’m jealous of myself for getting to soak up this beautiful scenery. This trail is right behind my house (how blessed am I?) and I’m oh so guilty for stopping during my runs to whip out my phone and snap away (blurry pics are no bueno). Ahhhh I am in love with this stunning creation. You can bet I’ll revisit this picture again and again.



I’m alllll about celebrating the little things (LOL to one of my first posts) so I celebrated national pizza month with these divine sprouted grain personal pizza crusts. I piled on the veggies and cooked it to perfection for a crunchy crust and chewy center five nights in a row. 12/10 is my recommendation for the easiest dinner party for 1!


photo from http://www.thereallife-rd.com

Reading blog posts written by registered dietitians are one of my go-to’s for keeping my mind refreshed of the toxins we can be so easily congested with. I’m not talking literal but negativity, anxiousness and the like because these ladies talk LIFE and not just recipes. I can always count on Robyn Coale at Real Life RD (I can’t even count the amount of times I’ve mentioned her on here) for a realistic outlook on balance. Alexis Joseph at Hummusapein shared some real life thoughts this week that I can’t support enough. And Alexis retweeted this article that included a quote I am treasuring and doing my best to live out: “The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.”

Xoxo to you!


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