8 Summer Food Finds

The lovely season of summer = more time to read blogs, watch YouTube videos and scroll through Instagram accounts. Aka more time to creep on my favorite foodies and dietitians on theeee Internet. My favorites are Robyn Coale, Alexis Joseph, Megan Roosevelt, Davida, Nikole Goncalves and Rachel Mansfield!

These gals consistently increase my creativity in the kitchen and further my love for whole foods that my body craves. They’ve also introduced me to new grocery items that I have been elohveeeeing. That translates to loving.

Below are eight foods that I recently tried for the first time and will continue to plop in my shopping cart! No matter what your typical food choices tend to be, I am quite positive that you’ll have a hard time saying no to these nutrient powerhouses!

  1. Hilary’s burgers: THE. BEST. VEGETARIAN. BURGERS. ONTHEMARKET. I don’t declare myself a vegetarian but I grabbed these burgers because of the ingredients (millet, quinoa, sweet potato, etc.). You can actually see chunks of veg in these round delights. I’ve tried the root veggie burger, hemp & greens burger, original veggie bites and world’s best veggies burger. Yes, the world’s best veggie burger is a very accurate description. PLUS Hilary’s website has coupons! PLUS PLUS their social media is beyond amazing.IMG_4432.jpg
  2. Banza noodles: These noodles are made out of chickpeas!! Aka what hummus is made out of. Aka my favorite legume of alllllll time. I love regular pasta and certainly brown rice/whole grain pasta for a dose of vitamins and minerals but a protein-full alternative is nice to have on hand. I ate them all up before I took a picture but here is what the box looks like! They are a bit difficult to find but I got my box at Meijer.Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 9.17.47 AM.png
  3. Annie’s ketchup: Yup, I’m raving about ketchup. Because this ketchup is rave-worthy and I’ve never found a bottle that I would rave about except for this. I’ve always just used the ketchup that my family or roommate buys because I only eat it when I’m enjoying sweet potato fries. But after I bought this, the difference is so evident. It tastes fresh and authentic. Yummzaway to sweet potato fry land.IMG_4777.JPG
  4. Nutritional yeast: This fella is known as the nutritious cheese alternative for vegans. I was curious so I used it as one would use parmesan on top of their banza noodles. Although I don’t exactly taste the cheesy notes that vegans talk about, I do appreciate the texture and the vitamins are through the roof. Yup, on top of the roof. Way up.IMG_4780.JPG
  5. Beanitos: I converted. To non-tortilla tortilla chips. Beanitos (please appreciate the dot on the ‘i’ with me!) are made out beans, rice, sunflower oil and sea salt. THAT’S IT. The texture took a day or two to get used to but now I prefer them to my typical tortilla chip with it’s flavor and yumminess that you need to taste. I’ve tried the original black bean, pinto bean and white bean and love ’em all! IMG_4271.jpg
  6. Love Grown Foods cereal: The cereal game is changing, my friends. Love Grown Foods cereals are made out of lentils and beans. Do I have a thing for beans…maybay. They are definitely crunchier than its other companions in the cereal aisle but that only means it takes longer to get soggier. SCORE. Power O’s are deeelish in a bowl with almond milk, on top of a smoothie or by the handful for the nighttime snack of perfection. I’ve tried both the  Power O’s (strawberry) and Mighty Flakes (chocolate) and they are equally charming! Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 9.49.23 AM.png
  7. Brown rice noodles: These are angel hair noodle’s nutritious twin. Also known as the stir fry master. Also also known as the fastest thing I’ve ever cooked. These super thin noodles cook in 2 minutes, are bright white once you boil them and are made out of brown rice. Brown rice is divine but I like to try new things so when I found this in Kroger’s natural section, I threw it in a bowl with edamame, a mountain of veggies and sriracha and fell in love. IMG_4233.jpg
  8. Kombucha: This is a carbonated probiotic drink that has oodles of benefits. If human beings are not getting enough of the right bacteria, we do not absorb the nutrients in our foods to the fullest ability. That’s no bueno. I’ve tried about eight flavors from two different brands this summer and found that lime is my favorite flavor across the board. Kombucha has strong notes of vinegar but the lime cuts it right out. The only negative thing is that it can be quite pricey so youbetcha I only buy these when they’re on sale.IMG_4477.jpg



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