You’re an Old Soul

A few weeks ago at a retirement party I attended for a past supervisor, I was talking to one of my previous coworkers. She asked me about my 21st birthday the way that everyone everywhere does: expecting some thrilling story that typically doesn’t have the most flattering ending.

My story didn’t end that way as I never would have ever ever wanted it to. I’m all for flatter. All the time.

I got tacos (duhh). Had one margarita. Went to a bar. Hated my drink. Also disliked the previous margarita. Went home and snuggled up with a blanket and a movie that I made it through a whole 4 minutes and 38 seconds of. Woke up early to brunch. All with my sister. Blissss.

My coworker had a different definition of bliss. Or doesn’t know me well enough to know mine. She awkwardly laughed at my story and said, “you’re an old soul.” Yes ma’am. That’s ancient and dusty news to me.

You are talking to a girl who wakes up at 5 a.m. just because I love mornings so much, would rather read a textbook or go grocery shopping than watch reality TV or any TV for that matter and walks around home decor stores by myself on Saturday afternoons. The older store associates tend to come up to me with a puzzled face and ask me what I am doing. Adventuring, of course! We end up finding some similarity between me and their grandchild. It’s cute.

Anyways, I’ve had this conversation before with friends n’ folks. The old soul one. The one where I try to explain myself but never achieve any progress in convincing them that I truly do not find an ounce of satisfaction in spending my free time diving deeper into the comforts of the world.

This world is beautiful. It really is. But it is temporary and my goal is not to be. I decided a long time ago that I will aim higher. For heaven, for virtue and for my purpose. And I am amazed at its heights as you and every person you have ever encountered should be too!


Each 5 a.m. morn and moment after until I lay down to rest, I feel called. Add out of place and vastly different to that list of feelings. Some may categorize it as “the odd one out” or shall I say, “old soul” of the group. It could be just me but I don’t think my friends sit at bars on their 21st birthday and be pounded with issues that break Jesus’ heart because humans aka myself are failing to address them.

Comparison is not my objective. It is recognition of my originality and my purpose. Because my pal, Jesus, is making it loud and clear. Probably because I am a fool who needs to be spoken to in a megaphone.

So please call me an old soul. Remind me of who I am. I am the daughter of a King and feel beyond honored to hold this title that will never go away. That’s where the ultimate flatter lies!

5 thoughts on “You’re an Old Soul

  1. We sound very similar! I turn 21 in March, and while I do like to go out and have drinks from time to time, I much rather do something like take an evening stroll in the park, wake up early for a workout, or get lost for hours in a bookstore.

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