WIAW: Bliss All Around

This summer, I’ve been trying to get into a “morning routine”. I don’t even necessarily know what that means but I’m alllll about efficiency and like to pack as many things into my morning as possible so I was on board.

Besides my newfound love for cleaning to avoid taking a shower, lighting candles all over my house and drinking copious amounts of fluids in the a.m., I still don’t have a routine that increases my productivity. Maybe tomorrow!

Drink 1: A massive mason jar or two of H20.

Drink 2: Black coffee with a straw.

Drink 3: Piña colada smoothie. 1 frozen banana, mango chunks, pineapple tidbits (I hate that word) and unsweetened coconut almond milk. This flavor of almond milk makes it DREAMY. Times 439. A must for all coconut lovers.

Item 4: Allergy medicine.

IMG_3734.JPG   IMG_3738.JPG

My counter was not only overflowing with to-go cups but also tupperware for my lunch. I use containers for each meal and snack I eat because I’m all into meal planning (going back to the efficiency and it saves me so much money because I know what I’m eating for the week so I don’t run out of groceries and I’m not tempted to eat out). My lunch bag actually overflows with tupperware so I have to divide it up between my purse and lulu lemon bag. Oooops. But not at all.

IMG_3740.JPG   IMG_3749.JPG

I packed a chocolate banana muffin, almond butter and blueberry jelly chia breakfast cookie (I threw things into a bowl and baked it so no recipe there), fruit salad, cinnamon apples with peanut butter, tomato basil hummus veggie wrap with mashed avocado to spread on every bite (this wrap is bliss) and some carrots and snow peas to snack on. And then I ate it all in a matter of six hours from my desk at work. And also got a reminder that I need to cut and paint my nails.

IMG_3747.JPG     IMG_3752.JPG

I was supposed to go out to dinner with my friend but she didn’t feel well so tupperware saved the day! I had dinner planned for the next few days so when my stomach was emmmmpty, I walked through the door and within four minutes, had a bowl of warm veggies and quinoa on the couch with a massive blanket. It had Trader Joe’s broccoli slaw (theee star of the show), green bell peppers, edamame, mushrooms, tricolor quinoa, sriracha and liquid aminos. I rotate this in my dinner cycle about every three weeks because I fall back in love with veggies every time I have it.


I fell asleep wrapped up in my blissful bundle for my second nap of the summer. I don’t really know why I was tired because this summer has been filled (more than my lunch bag) with rest but I was exhaaausted on the car ride home.  How did I know beyond “I know myself”? I only changed the radio station four times in 20 minutes. That’s way way way abnormal for me. Check out my last post if you’re confused.

IMG_3768.JPG     IMG_3770.JPG

I would’ve gone to bed right after I woke up with dry contact eyes (you know the feeling. you hate the feeling.) without a second thought but I had a FaceTime chat planned with a friend. So I grabbed some clementines (it’s June in case you didn’t know) and some frozen mango chunks, wrote this blog, talked to him and went to bed at a blissful 9:30. So blissful.


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