The Rock on Which I Stand

Over two months ago, I was talking to one of the high schoolers in the Youth Ministry program that I previously worked at. I asked him a question about the Gospel from that Sunday and he responded along the lines of, “I go to church every Sunday. I’ve heard this story over 25 times now. Nothing stands out to me anymore.”

Out of my semester with this kid and the entire Youth Ministry, this moment stuck out to me the most. I’m not exactly sure why because this is unfortunately common for the youth. But he did not even hesitate when he said it. He was stagnant in his faith.

I deeply respect his honesty but I wanted so badly to change his outlook. Another adult and I shared our experiences with reading the same passages throughout our lives. We told him to ask God in prayer to open his eyes so that he could be refreshed.

I’ve been meaning to write this blog post since that day in Panera. I’ve been brainstorming ways that I could share how I overcome Bible stories that I’ve heard over 25 times now.  I didn’t see myself in this high school boy when we were conversing over Pick Two’s but I do now.

I thought that I was doing my best to reflect and pray on everything I read from my Bible. Well, I was doing my best and still try to do but sometimes some external help comes along the way. A song is how it went a few days ago. The lyric: “You are my firm foundation; the rock on which I stand”.

I’ve heard this before. I sing this allll the time. I know every word to this song. It’s one of the few that make it past the radio test of “it’s been 17 seconds so I need a new song PRONTO”.

But I was in a analytical mood when I was driving home from dinner with a friend who always challenges me in my faith (in a good way!!) and makes me think more than just about anyone else. The Lauren Daigle song came on and that line stuck out to me like I was hearing it for the first time. The rock on which I stand.


Are you aware of what a rock is?! Like a sturdy stone that does not break and that will never ever lose its strength? You can stand on it for eternity and you will never fall. ETERNITY!

Maybe this means absolutely nothing to you but it does to me. Because the radicality of our Catholic/Christian faith is woooOAAah. Large scale. Big deal. Cannot comprehend in human terms. Massive. Overwhelmingly and absolutely perfection.

The promise that Jesus gave us is our rock if we allow it. He is my Rock and He is your Rock. Don’t let that concept pass you by. I know you’ve heard it at least 25 times like my friend. You go to church too? Cool.

We have a story to listen closer to. To spread to our brothers and sisters. It’s about eternity so mhmm it’s a thriller (as well as the best love story ever told). But first, look down. What are you standing on? The world will tell you one thing but I’ll let my wise brother give you something to think about.Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 10.41.50 PM


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