SHAAALOM! My blog I give to you, my content I leave with you. Not as May 6 gave does this day bring to you. Do not let your little hearts be troubled because….

It’s Kerfully Content’s first birthday (and John 14:27 has been running through my mind these days)!!!! Stick a birthday candle on your stack o’ flapjacks and join me in the [awkward what do I do with my face as everyone sings to me] celebration!


These deeevine birthday pancakes are courtesy of The Stak Pancake Kitchen in Memphis! I’m here with three of my fellow St. Jude fundraising pals because we visited St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital yesterday and volunteered at the Target House (facility for families to live in while their kiddo is receiving long-term care). Truly one of the most heartwarming experiences I have had the privilege to take part in (:


I’m quite the slack-a-lackin blogger and haven’t written a single word on here in ehhh give or take 72 days (that’s actually the 100% accurate number because I certainly counted). I’m back to share in this milestone and make my reappearance to tell you that I will be posting much more regularly now that the raging waters of school, work, student orgs, moving and a bit of traveling have calmed. Yippeeee!

Beyond this birthday bash aka an excuse to blow out a birthday candle on a Saturday morn in May, I wanted to say THANK YA SO VERY MUCH for following me along in this journey of being kerfully content! From my recent followers in Brazil (howdy!!) to my sister who consistently reminds me that she is eagerly awaiting new posts, you continue to make my day again and again and again again! It has been one major year of immense learning about meeeself and your support has reaffirmed my growing self-confidence through it all!


This time last year, my timidly nervous yet ecstatic self posted HEY YOU, WELCOME! Because all caps will always be a thing for me and the excitement that all caps withholds just makes me smile! This time this year, I wasn’t as cool as Samantha Baker to have sixteen candles but one did the trick!

This time next year I’ll be a college graduate (eeeek to the max!) and hopefully on to the next adventure that God has already planned for me! I may have a few ideas as to what that may be but I keep telling people that I refuse to plan that far in advance because He keeps suprings me again and again and again again.


Happiest of May 7ths to you, treat yourself to something that will wow your tastebuds and I hope you pull a Mia Thermopolis and sing with all the content into your hairbrush! MUAH!


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