More Fun From The Facts

A series of events occurred in the past 24 hours that sparked this second post of fun facts about me. 11 and 23 are what I’m referring to.

However, this time is much less, “hey hey, learn about me.” Instead, it’s “heyyyoo, I have awesome people in my life who point things out about me and tell me that they hope I never change for the world’s sake.”

Wow. I admire people who randomly cease the conversation to lay down a heartfelt compliment. I need to be more like these gems who make me feel insanely loved over bags of popcorn and PR brainstorming sessions.

I hope you enjoy this list of three fewer facts than my post in May. Gotta keep you on the edge of your seat…ya know?

1. Sitting at a stop sign for daaays does not bother me one bit because the sound of turning signals is my absolute favorite! Especially in super old cars.

2. My favorite part of Fergalicious (the version of Fergie’s VEVO) is at 1:15. Listen attentively.

3. I beam of happiness when I receive a Google calendar invite. Type A things…I’m well aware.

4. I always always always notice when someone calls me “Ker”. It’s an unwritten rule that only the people closest to me can call me that so when someone does, I either love it or think “ehhhh…too soon, bud.”

5. I have a good memory except when it comes to song lyrics. No matter how many times I listen to a song, I will never be able to know it from start to finish.

6. I prefer to watch movies with the lights on. But I never do because I only watch movies with other people and normal (extravagantly normal) people don’t like the lights on.

7. My middle name is Savage but I promise I’m about as opposite as a ferocious beast as you could get.

8. You know how people have late night thoughts? Never have I ever. Or maybe it’s because my brain runs and never does stop.

9. I looooove stars. Add a few more o’s in there.  When I walk back from the library every night on campus, I walk with my head towards the sky. Good thing not too many people are out at 1 am to bump into.

10. Currently, my favorite word is resplendent.

11. I will be highly disappointed in myself if I don’t invent something before I die. One invention is currently in the process. The eight people I have told say it’s good. Just you wait.

12. Ever since I have created this blog, people have been using “Kerfully Content” against me. Example A = Me: “Teagan, can you do me a favor?” Teagan: “No, I’m too kerfully content to move.”

13. I rotate between 3 watches every single day. None of them have the correct time. I like the mystery!

14. PDA really freaks me out.

15. I also get incredibly freaked out when people drink the leftover milk out of their cereal bowl.

16. If I ever get a dog, I will name it Dorota so I can call it like Blair Waldorf called her housekeeper.

17. Phone calls are my favorite way to spend time walking between buildings on campus. Enough so that whenever I call my brother he doesn’t even say hello anymore. He goes right into, “How’s your walk to the library?”

18. I’m eaasily the least competitive person I know. But incredibly driven towards my passions? Yessum.

19. I despise any term that has “goals” in it (i.e. relationship goals). Please make personal goals that actually challenge you to become a better person.

20. I have a killer Indian accent. Or so I’ve been told.

21. Condiments are verrrry important. All variations of mustard, Chick-fil-A sauce (!!), sriracha, ranch, ketchup, mayonnaise, barbecue sauce, buffalo sauce, yum yum sauce, just keep going down that condiment aisle.

22. I primarily vacuum for the carpet lines. A clean floor is an added bonus.

23. Coffee without a straw is like…no. Just no. Gotta have it. Coldstone agrees.

24. It is a very rare occasion when I am not wearing my coat inside. In every single class, I usually sit through the entire 70/125 minute class all zipped up and ready for the snowstorm.

25. Overripe bananas make me embarrassingly happy. I don’t understand how they are marked down (but not complaining one bit!) because the ability to create with them is priceless! When my roommate doesn’t want her super spotty ones…BEST DAY EVER!


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