WIAW: Home Home Home

Home home home is a Phillip Phillips reference. I thoroughly enjoy using double words just as much as Mr. Phillips’ mother.


For my last week home on Christmas break, I thought I would post what I eat away from my kitchen at school. My diet is practically reversed. Because 1) Christmas cookies galore 2) Fully stocked fridge, freezer and pantry. 3) Chinese takeout is practically the only meal that all of my siblings agree on.

Here’s to the last Tuesday spent with the entire fam bam until…well…I don’t want to think about this anymore.

Breakfast was an iced americano at Starbucks with two lovely ladies who I went to high school with. It was BYOB (bring your own banana). My picture does not compare to my friend, Lindsey’s (SHE HAS THE COOLEST WEBSITE EVER). She popped hers up on Instagram and let’s just guess whose is whose.

IMG_1129.jpg  Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 9.08.38 PM.png

I said my goodbyes until…again…much longer than I am willing to accept and went on over to my friend, Morgan’s house. This is completely unrelated to what I ate yesterday but she made me a beeaautiful canvas and I just wanted to share it. She is one talented lady!


Afterwards, I met up with my sisters at our grandma’s house for a cinnamon roll recipe tutorial. She is famous for her cinnamon rolls and not a single soul in the entire extended family knows of her secret ways to this pure heavenly breakfast treat. We changed that today.

IMG_1316.jpg   IMG_1322.jpg

While waiting for them to cook, sweet Kate fed us a lavish lunch of JUICE BOXES, salad and fruit. And then we snacked on our creations. Didn’t live up to her culinary masterpieces but hey, it was our first attempt!

IMG_1137.jpg  IMG_1142.jpg

Before a hair appointment, I snacked on some pita, carrots and roasted red pepper hummus. Following my utter transformation of losing 2 inches of dead ends, I ran some errands with my mom and enjoyed a cutie out of the grocery bag on our way home.

IMG_1230.jpg   IMG_1232.jpg

Fajitas were on the dinner menu (with a side of Bachelor de-briefing)! This is my favorite dinner that I request every time I come home. This may not look super duper cute but it tasted super duper duperty good.


It isn’t an official McNamara movie night if it does not include slushies. I’ve had at least two per week since being home. This one was Mountain Dew and cherry mix.


Slushie in hand, I asked my sister to select a scary movie off of Netflix. She chose Pride & Prejudice. I didn’t complain. We love Mr. Darcy. A lot.


And so I spent quite a while reading Mr. Darcy quotes before I went to bed. Only on one hand can you count better ways to spend your time.


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