2015 In One Word

At the beginning of July, I posted 15 Things That 2015 Has Taught Me Thus Far. As soon as December rolled around, I’ve been trying to brainstorm 15 more things that this year has taught me.

I can certainly do that but it wouldn’t be genuine because the 15 I listed are still vastly true. Except one essential item that I failed to include: passion.

Do-it-with-passion-or-not-at-all (1).jpg

When talking to a friend who started his own nonprofit a few years ago as a college student, I asked for some advice. We all need lots of it, so why not ask!  I strongly believe that lived out and shared wisdom is one of the greatest gifts that people can give to one another. His response:

Simply  go for it… continue to pray about what you are doing. Be ready for God to do miraculous things and always pay attention to closed doors because they are normally closed for a reason. My last piece of advice is to realize that people everywhere will support what you are doing when you start something you are truly passionate about.

A frame may just need to be placed around these words. The amount of times I have read this and held onto the value in this statement cannot be limited by a number. It doesn’t help that I cherish quotes unendingly and am at a time in my life where beginnings and endings are occurring as quickly as I jump out of bed in the morning to pour myself a cup of coffee. But can’t we all agree that this is some good stuff?

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 1.56.19 PM.png

The bravery, the constant prayer, the eagerness, the cognizance of no’s. And then the passion that wraps it all up. Coming from a girl who had one completely unexpected passionate year, that passion is where courage stems, faith lies, excitement grows and closed doors are accepted.

I know. I know. Every social media platform has been stampeded with some form of My Year in Review or New Year, New Me goals. All the bloggers are pushing all the new year thoughts on you. But I’m a blogger and this is the shenanigans that we do! Please proceed with patience.


Tomorrow we will be dating our papers and having to cross out the 5 for a 6 because that muscle memory takes some adjusting. What also takes some adapting to is choosing the rough route cohered to one’s passion.

This lovely book that I received for Christmas (featuring my camo blanket and margin commentary of “WOAH” because God never fails to blow my mind) is called Ask the Bible Geek. In this section titled “Does God Feel Pain?”, Mark Hart says, “It’s called the Passion because that’s how much he loves you – passionately.” WOAH again.


The word, “passion” comes from the Latin, “passio”, meaning “suffering”. Jesus endured passionate suffering plus some more passion because His love for each of our souls is so strong that He would not allow any amount of pain to separate Him from us.

A life without suffering is a life Jesus did not live. It’s a life I don’t want to live. Because when a person wholeheartedly follows what they are passionate about, they are bound to experience suffering. My friend, if you do not face any difficulties or persecutions, I sincerely hope that you may find your passion and you may chase it until you are in agony.

Let’s take a step back. Cha cha real smooth. Inflicting pain on others is not my goal in 2016. But there is no possible way you can live a life fully committed to your passion, placed on your heart by Christ, that the world will not hate you for.


“If the world hates you, realize that it hated me first. If you belong to the world, the world would love its own; but because you do not belong to the world, and I have chosen you out of the world, the world hates you.” – John 15:18-19.

Chosen one, you don’t belong in this temporary land. You were selected to live eternally amongst God’s heavenly throne. So please don’t become defeated by present suffering. As Romans 8:18 tells us, it is not worth comparing to the glory that will be revealed to us. The hope in suffering is so beautiful!


In the following 365 days and those after that, may God bless you always. Scroll on up, read what my friend said to me once more and strive to live each part of it out. Suffering is in our midst and fills our future if we gracefully allow it. I pray that you choose this; your passion set before you by Christ.


2 thoughts on “2015 In One Word

    1. Thank you so much for reading, Emmanuella! I greatly appreciate you letting me know that this has impacted you, even in the smallest of ways!! I certainly need to be reminded all the time that if I am living the life that God made me for and it becomes convenient/easy/selfish, I am doing it all wrong.

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