Carols & Questions

You provide the carols. I provide the questions.

To me, there are two times of the year. Christmas and waiting for Christmas. Jesus’ big birthday bash is coming and I’m more than content!

buddy elevator

I’m also more than curious. I tried to pick one question for this holiday Q&A but nocando. Kim Impossible.

So I selected 25 angry elfs and asked away on this Cold December Night! A bit o fun, a dose of sentiment and a jingle jangle of creativity.


  • What Christmas song describes your holiday cheer?
  • What has been your greatest blessing since last Christmas?
  • You are now Santa and you are allergic to cookies and milk. What snack do you want the kiddos to leave for you?

Enjoy these trio answers Underneath the Tree! They are all Mariah Carey is asking for. Make her wish come true. All she wants for Christmas is you…to read below.


  1. “White Christmas” / My niece / Banana nut bread and echinacea tea
  2. “(There’s No Place Like) Home For The Holidays” describes my Christmas cheer because I love spending so much time with my family during this time of year and enjoying the comfort of home. This song always makes me think of Christmas parties too and I love being a hostess! / My greatest blessing since last Christmas has just been the health, happiness, and safety of my closest loved ones this past year. There are always unexpected difficulties in life and another year that has gone smoothly is a huge blessing! / If I were allergic to cookies and milk I would want chocolate fondue and strawberries instead!
  3. “Do They Know It’s Christmas” / You!!! / Lamb chops and a gingerbread latte
  4. “All I Want for Christmas Is You” / My dad got cleared for surgery and has since been healthy and exercising normally / Ben & Jerry’s milk and cookies ice cream
  5. “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” by Brenda Lee!! / Number two gets a little personal, but we’ve had some drama and a little separation with my aunt and cousins over the last couple years so the biggest blessing for me since last Xmas would be that I’ve gotten close to my cousins again and finally!! / I would have to say chocolate dipped pretzels, a little extravagant but I’m Santa for goodness sake💁🏼
  6. “Holly Jolly Christmas” by Michael Bublé / Overall it is difficult to pick one biggest blessing since last Christmas. However, I’m thankful for a great family and group of friends and the opportunity to spend time with them. Friends and family are the greatest blessing of all time. / Chips and guacamole
  7. “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays”/ My greatest blessing was being given the opportunity to go to Haiti over the summer / Cape Cod potato chips and sweet tea
  8. “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch” / The non-stop support of old friends (Ellen, Kerigan, Gracie) and especially new found support from camp friends/ The kiddos better leave me an ice cold coca cola with the good movie theater popcorn
  9. “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” / Greatest blessing is my grandma making it through four different surgeries within the last couple months. / Snacks Donuts and Orange juice (:
  10. “Joy to the World”! The holidays are all about making happy memories with those who matter to you most (: / My greatest blessing since last Christmas has been the opportunities that I have taken advantage of. / I’d love for the kiddos to leave me cupcakes! Decorated by themselves of course!
  11. “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” because it makes me feel warm and toasty yet romantic… / Direction / I would be very very unhappy if I couldn’t drink milk. Chocolate almond milk and saltines; that would be delicious.
  12. “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!” / Getting my first job at a hospital as a PSA (patient support assistant)! / Brownies and hot chocolate!
  13. “Joy to the World!!” After a long semester and difficult finals, I’m saying hallelujah that the holiday season has finally arrived! / Since last Christmas, my greatest blessing has been the ability to study abroad and see so many beautiful places I’ve been dreaming about since I was young! It’s an incredible opportunity that I am extremely thankful for. / Does chipotle count? But I feel like sweet treats are part of the holiday season, so brownies or cake would be ideal!
  14. “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas” / Good health for my family and myself / Vanilla ice cream
  15. “That’s Christmas to Me” by Pentatonix / Being at Franciscan / Chex mix and a speedway slushy
  16. “Winter Wonderland” / My study abroad trip to Perth, Western Australia/ Pierogies and mashed potatoes with a side of wine 😂😂
  17. “Baby, It’s Cold Outside!” / Being at the University of Dayton! / I would let them know that I wanted chips and salsa (:
  18. “Winter Wonderland” / Being able to study abroad in Florence for 6 weeks / Brownies and ice cream!
  19. “The Twelve Days of Christmas” because the little things make me happy / Watching my kids hang out with each other / TURTLE…four of them, please
  20. “Angels We Have Heard On High”. I’m not sure why I’ve always been drawn to it, but when I hear an upbeat version of it ( Glee or Pentatonix) I drop everything I’m doing and listen to it. I picture the Angels rejoicing the birth of Jesus too and that’s pretty cool. / My greatest blessing has been the friendships and relationships Ive formed. Over the past year, I’ve met some incredible people who have changed my life, my heart, and my outlook on life. They’ve ultimately made me a better person who wants to continue to grow in all areas of my life. / I would now want the kiddos to bring me a brownie with hot chocolate or a delicious piece of vanilla cake🙈
  21. “Step Into Christmas” / Learning the difference between joy and happiness / Sweet potato tater tots with ketchup and a large $1 can of Arizona raspberry tea!
  22. “Let It Snow” is a great song representing holiday cheer! The words depict that the weather may be stormy and frightful, but the snowstorm is going to come no matter what, so we might as well make the most of what life brings and soak up the moments we have and enjoy what we’ve got. It describes that the people we’re with and the moments we have together is what truly matters. So get cozy and enjoy the joyful spirits of Christmas! Let love and peace shine! / My greatest blessings since last Christmas includes all of the little things… finding peace with the present moments of life, enjoying the presence of those I am with, deepened relationships, embracing a true sense of self and allowing my soul to freely soar on it’s unique path. I am grateful for where I am in life to the depths of my soul as I truly love myself and my individuality. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to travel to Nicaragua for a second time, serving others but feeling so much in my heart in return, and having the country influence me in my perspective of life and what really matters, and for the opportunity to spend a week with family in the beauty of nature in the Tetons and Yellowstone over the summer. / If I was Santa and was allergic to cookies and milk, I would want the kids to leave me coconut water and edamame.
  23. “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas” or “Sliver Bells” / My greatest blessing would be new friendships / Toast with Nutella on it with a Diet Coke
  24. “I Need A Silent Night” by Amy Grant / Seeing all of my children happy / Lays barbecue potato chips and a coke
  25. “Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town” best describes my holiday cheer. It just brings me back to my childhood and reminds me so much of all the traditions my fam and I had growing up!! It’s just one of those songs that I’ve always known the lyrics too! And also the upbeat tune of the song just puts me in the holiday spirit for sure (: / I would say my greatest blessing since last Christmas has been my nephew! My oldest sister gave birth in June to my cute little baby nephew. He just brings so much happiness into my life and I love seeing pictures of him on Facebook because he has grown so much! And of course I love being an aunt so he has been a great addition to our family! / So random but I would want them to leave out peppermint bark for me! Every time Christmas season comes around I get so excited for peppermint bark! It is my favorite holiday treat and I can’t resist eating it if it’s at holiday parties (: I even have the recipe memorized to make homemade peppermint and it is so good!! Chocolate and peppermint what more could you ask for?! (:


…except I don’t think you are a filthy animal.

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