Saturday Satisfaction #4

I didn’t know that it was Saturday until about 37 minutes ago. It is 4:02 p.m.


That would be the first thing I (and Macaulay Culkin) find satisfaction in for today’s post: no schedule over Christmas break! However, the likelihood of this being the last month of my life where I can pretty much be as lazy as I want is low. Plus some. Growing up is not on this list. But what is would be….


2. White hot chocolate! Minus the entirety of this treat. Well, pause on it. I’m hoping to try the recipe out in a few days when a massive group of my high school friends are coming together for a hot chocolate party! So this satisfaction piece is essentially code for reuniting with my wonderful friends at home!


3. My true love gave to meeeee Best Advent Ever emails each Advent morn!  Waking up to a video and written reflection sitting in my inbox is something I recommend for all. These have taught me so much about the Lord’s mercy and how I can live it out because the theme is “Rediscover Mercy” (inspired by Pope Francis’ Year of Mercy). Sorry for not informing you earlier because we’re already on day 21 but you can find them all here!


4. These four surely make the list! My greatest joy of being home is simply soaking up their presence! This picture is our Christmas card which I am slightly self-conscious of. #1) I got a tooth infection two days before this was snapped which made my right cheek swell up 3x the size that it normally is. Strategic positioning was 156% necessary. #2) My sister said my hand looks like I am coming out of the womb. Oh well…I’ve accepted that my hands aren’t the most attractive.


5. Fun-flavored peanut butter should be under every tree this Christmas! You are seriously missing out on a massive spoonful of happiness if you have only experienced plain pb. Your exploration into the world of crunchy is not far enough. These divine jars are leaving me on the search for their gingerbread and sugar cookie holiday flavors. Uh huh, those very much so exist!


6. Noel by Lauren Daigle from Chris Tomlin’s Christmas album and How Many Kings by Downhere have been such a delight! I’ve narrowed down my non-festive song favorite to Carry You by The Native Sibling and a dozen more that I just simply neglected to type out. I have a difficult time making decisions. More on that later.


7. Pinecones make this a wrap! I don’t really have a reason behind my newfound love for pinecones but it’s a thing and they make me happy! This has been my phone background for a few weeks and I’ve gotten many many compliments.

For more contentment, I suggest you check back for one last holiday post before we celebrate Jesus’ birth! It involves 25 lovely folks because…well, I hope you can figure that one out!


Have a very very satisfaction-filled Christmas!! I hope you are as excited for it as me and the Dunder Mifflin crew!


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