Many Yesses

Have you ever put yourself in Mary’s position and thought, ‘I would’ve said yes if God asked me to bear his child’? Maybe you would have and maybe you wouldn’t. You’ll never know because I’m sorry to break it to you but God has not placed Jesus in your womb through Immaculate Conception.

I can also break to you that the Annunciation was not the first yes that Mary said to God. It can be so easy to only see this one instance and forget about the smaller ways that Mary exemplified her faithfulness before her life took a drastic flip.

The Bible doesn’t discuss it. We don’t either. But I can assure you, Mary’s massive yes to infinity and beyond was only made possible through her previous and continuous devotion to the Lord.I Just Met You Of all women in the entire human history, Mary was given the biggest task. Significant enough that we bow during the part in the Nicene Creed when God became man through Mary to honor the greatest moment on earth. Preparation was crucially necessary!

I think we can easily fall into the trap of waiting for God to ask something big of us like he did to our Blessed Mother. But if we can’t be faithful in the small things, how can we expect God to trust us with anything larger? Our Lord is begging us to notice and act upon all of the minuscule details that lead us to holiness.

These small yesses, they mean something. They mean everything! They should never be compared to the Annunciations in your life. People may not realize the importance or even notice the teensy forms of obedience that you practically need a magnifying glass to see. But God doesn’t miss it when your life displays Michelle Tanner’s mantra.

He sees you cutting into your Netflix time to read your Bible. He sees you placing your trust in Him even though all that seems to come your way is silence. He sees you practicing patience with your friend for the 103rd time about the same thing.

The “Yes Prayer” is a great place to start.  As soon as the alarm clock goes off each morning, commit to anything that God throws your way within the next 24 hours with the three letter word that rhymes with guess. But the beauty in this is that surrendering to God is not a guessing game. It’s a surely sure assurance of joy, peace and greatness!photo-659

Our salvation came to earth through Mary, the most admirable woman who called herself a handmaid of the Lord. May we all take that title upon ourselves. Complete subordination is found in the many yesses.

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