Saturday Satisfaction #3

It’s Saturday (and everything is going my way yeeeeah – The Secret Handshake).

Everything is not exactly going my way. But I do have things that have been coming my way that I particularly like! Let’s rock n’ roll into them.

This blog post, titled “30 Ways to Win a Catholic Girl’s Heart”. Particularly number 5 (I’m not talking about the Will Ferrell gif). And 1, 7, 9, 20, 25 and 30. Plus the rest of them.ThereseLisieux2

Pumpkin spice almond milk (“with cinnamon” because that’s apparently obligatory to the product’s marketing). I have been on theeee hunt for this since September 2014. That hunt ended and victory was celebrated with a dance party on October 30, 2015.IMG_0298

That dance party was conducted in aisle 7 of Whole Foods. The location of content in the form of dinner dates with friends. (Cous cous salad, falafel, spelt berry salad, marinated mushrooms, roasted acorn squash, grilled veggieness, and a whole lotta endorphins from this deliciousness).IMG_0292

Now that I want the Whole Foods salad bar to cater my life, let’s give a shoutout to this satisfaction-causing sign that I found at an apple orchard last weekend! It was referring to driving directions but I definitely applied it to my life’s direction. IMG_0149

And another shoutout to this lovely analogy. Stand tall and be sweet, you crowns of creation. Yes, that link certainly takes you to a letter Saint John Paul II wrote to the Catholic Church in 1998. #11 is what I’m talking about and a crown of creation is what you certainly are, ladies.tumblr_nwos4ner401r8azk8o1_540The sweetness of pineapples can’t compare to the sweet hope that God invites us to place in Him. My greatest satisfaction comes in living to enjoy the light that His grace provides.tumblr_nthttwk1fR1so3z9fo1_500

All 13 songs on Amanda Cook’s album have been a constant reminder of the joy we find in Him. I would recommend a listenin’ to! Even 47 consecutive nights of it.amanda-cook

Stay gold (Ponyboy). And remember, it’s all in the hips.


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