WIAW: No Wisdom, No Worries

Tuesday’s ante meridiem arrived and so did my excitement for breakfast! Anyone else consider sleep to be a time machine to the best meal of the day? I’m the definition of guilty.


I had toast with cashew butter cut into eight pieces because I’m still six years old with an iced coffee because I’m logical. After shivering outside in a winter jacket a few minutes before I snapped this picture, I made the sensible decision to put ice into my coffee.

I’m praying to be smarter and wiser. Zac Brown is too. Remedy is the title and it’s a complete gem! An actual treasure chest. The man himself even said that it’s the most important song he has ever written at his concert last week!

A banana followed in the fire lane on the way to class. Because unlike Kate Sanders (wiaw turned tbt), carbs are always a good idea. No Italian boy necessary.


Morning snack were two notsocute pitted dates rolled in peanut butter and coconut flakes! The Almond Joys and Mounds that are currently lining the Halloween candy shelves can’t compete. Even when they become discounted on November 1. And that’s a statement.


Lunch time meant a glorious salad and an apple that was quite glorious too. The tub’s contents all fell to the bottom but it was kale massaged with oil and vinegar the night before (makes ALLL the difference), quinoa, roasted sweet potato and black beans.


Garlic hummus with carrots and snap peas caused my afternoon hunger to vanish for a short while before it caused me to brush my teeth. Thank ya much, garlic!


To make another senseless meal choice, I had a warm dinner when I returned from sweating outside. Logic. Roasted red pepper soup and cheese-less grilled cheese was on the menu!  Simply avocado, perfectly burned sprouted bread and coconut oil. So easy, so complimentary, so suave.


I grabbed a buckeye bar during the reception of a guest lecture at my school. My kinda fuel for a late night in the library! Taking advantage of free food is just about all the advice I have to share today. Not much wisdom but not any worries!


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