A Trip to the Angels

I have been long gone on this blog because my to do list has been long también. But after a trip of a lifetime and a few people asking me to write about it, this Friday night is a blog party night! I’d say I have pretty sensational Friday nights.12105726_1126618134032720_4336801828697565995_n

I went to thee big ol’ L of A. Los Angeles. The angels. The city that is always sunny and just happened to be in a heat wave during our stay. And now I’m back with a view of my dishwasher, wearing a furry vest and thankfully no sunburn. I’m still confused on how that didn’t happen.

I was expecting to see super cool signs at the LAX airport but this was the only one I could find. Still gotta document it when you have a name that often gets mistaken for “cardigan”!


The whole reason for this trip was to do some PRetty cool thangs. That would be public relations. That would also be my major.

Saturday and Sunday were touristy days that packed in Manhattan Beach, Venice Beach, Pepperdine University, a Zac Brown Band concert at the Hollywood Bowl (I forced us to stay until they played Chicken Fried. That was the last song. Approximately hour 23 of being awake on our first day. I don’t regret a thing.), brunch on the beach, finding celebrity houses, the Hollywood Walk of Fame and a whole lotta food.

IMG_9557     FullSizeRender

From my research before the trip, I was named the “food expert” (aka the best kind of research). My duty: select where we ate for every meal. Ask and you shall receive!

IMG_9533      12088572_1126617380699462_7186633558596767180_n

Biscoff cookies on the plane (always prime). Macademia coconut pancakes. In-N-Out off the secret menu. Pressed juicery freeze (the ingredients in this are only fruits, vegetables and nuts. Deeevine).  I wish that all of these could replace the bag of sugar snap peas that is currently occupying my lap. Ask and you shall receive?

12140833_1126617137366153_8596798220088036173_n      12115927_1126618417366025_1675093393985379916_n

On Monday, we had an appointment at Entertainment Tonight. After getting a tour and speaking with the PR gals, we got to meet the crew and hosts.  Everyone was so kind and funny. Impromptu raps about Kanye West in between takes funny. We watched the filming of Monday night’s show right next to the cameras and got a sneak peek at surveillance footage of Charlie Sheen in a bar fight on the producer’s phone. It was crazy in the best way!

12119125_1126618667366000_5387014025311419533_n 12115766_1126618977365969_6799728936984486843_n

Afterwards, I had this cute salad, more beach time in Malibu, followed by more beach time at the Santa Monica Pier. Only followed by attempting to have a conversation with the cutest tortilla-making lady who did not speak a single word of english at a hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant.  She mastered in giggling…and making tasty tortillas. Imperative skills in my opinion!

12105754_1126619257365941_3970335492550539668_n     IMG_9874

Tuesday’s PR appointments fell through so the fanny packs and maps were brought right back out! Minus the fanny packs. Plus the Google Maps.

IMG_9910     IMG_9918

We talked with the wife of an actor on Scandal in her flower shop and then made our way through Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills and the land of acai bowls. On our way home for a relaxing night in, we stopped by Jessica Alba’s company and if we are being Honest (props if you understand that reference), her parking spot.

IMG_9927      IMG_9948

The big day (Wednesday) arrived and so did my shaking legs as I got ready in the morning. My professor got us ahhhmazing access onto the set of Modern Family at Fox Studios. It became real when Sofía Vergara walked right by me saying lines to herself as soon as we walked in the door. Ed O’Neill (Jay) was on his lunch break so we were able to talk to him!

12112128_1127311307296736_1250989281140906650_n     12115946_1127156080645592_8518462394221143415_n-1

After getting a tour and chatting with the PR folks, we talked to Ty Burrell (Phil) in the doorway of the table-read. The placement: practically perfect. The entire cast had to go through that door to get inside. They were all incredibly friendly and hilarious! We were allowed in the table-read (surreal.) and they let us keep the script for the episode that is airing this winter (surreal. surreal.).

12107883_1127311140630086_8827874174487496834_n   10385464_1127311257296741_8761433023234368200_n

It was Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s (Mitchell) birthday so they rolled out a cake and we all sang to him (surreal x3). Afterwards, we watched the same 30 second scene being filmed and revised for about an hour. The way the directors interacted with the cast was fascinating to witness!IMG_9992

Once we left, we met with a publicist who has had quite famous clients. Example A: Beyonce. Talking with him and receiving his advice was theee coolest. The trip ended with a lobster roll and two rounds of desserts with a sunset view. WHATADAY & WHATATRIP.

IMG_0009     IMG_0008This Midwest-loving girl does not have plans to move out there but the opportunity was absolutely and splendidly marvelous! Shalom to all and all a good night. P.S. Christmas music makes the best airplane music!12107938_1126616870699513_30387701660254266_n


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