Put A Prayer In Your Pocket

When I was a senior in high school, my English teacher told our class every day to put a poem in our pocket. She was a poetry lover and encouraged us to take a poem with us wherever we went.

I’m pretty sure I was the only student to actually follow her request (sorry, Mrs. G). I tore out a poem from one of the packets she gave us and stuck it in my wallet. Three years later, I still come across T. S. Eliot’s words whenever I’m searching for some change.


As much as I have tried to get myself to like poetry, I just can’t seem to do so. Do I enjoy this poem? Sure but it doesn’t really mean much to me. I only chose it because it was short and mentioned exploration.

A few weeks ago, I decided to add a prayer to my pocketful of sunshine. I came across one that I really loved and wanted to be reminded of often. This prayer started out in my wallet and then transitioned to my backpack, my desk and my bathroom shelf. Guys, it has seriously changed my day!


It took some time to remember that I was either carrying it with me or had it in close proximity to me but when I turn to it throughout my day of seemingly endless to-dos, I am filled with so much peace and a clearer perspective! It is astonishing to me how one or two minutes of pausing and reading with intentionality can be more effective than my cup of joe.

I think that we constantly turn to social media because it is fast and convenient. We carry it in the palm of our hands but on the palms of God’s hands, our names are written (Isaiah 49:16). Instead of using our thumb that has scrolled up and down one too many times when we have a few minutes to spare, why don’t we open up our hearts? It can fall under the fast and convenient category.  Plus, I’ve never heard anyone say they have regretted praying.

It can be a list of prayer intentions, a Bible verse, a picture of the crucifix, a prayer written by yourself, a quote by a saint, etc. The beauty in this is that it’s prayer so there is no equation to follow. You don’t even need to have any words to look at. We just need our Savior.

For me, it can be a challenge to call onto the Lord all day long. Once I am in the midst of class, meetings, work and homework, I can be too focused on the task at hand. If you are familiar with this struggle, put a prayer in your pocket and I can assure you that you will physically and spiritually, carry Him with you wherever you go!


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