Saturday Satisfaction #2

I am back with a sequel to my first Saturday Satisfaction!  I had not exactly intended to make this a series but after watching the Vine below, you’ll know why I did. I hope you enjoy what I have been enjoying! And you may even find yourself to be one of them!

Mother AngelicaIMG_8640

I was trying to choose a quote by Mother Angelica to share on here but that was slightly problematic when I narrowed it down to seven. I learned about her when I read a quote to a friend (picture above) and ended with, “It’s by Mother Angelica but I don’t even know who that is.” She got so excited and told me that she is the founder of EWTN (Eternal Word Television Network). I simply marvel at this 92-year-old Franciscan nun’s incredible wisdom!

S’mores DipIMG_9055-1

I have been wanting to try this creation out for a while and I can’t believe I allowed myself to wait so long! It is easier than making cereal (does one make cereal?) and tastes like you are sitting around a campfire on a July night with stars in the sky and the aroma of bug spray in the air. Yes, that is most definitely a flavor.

What Does God Want Me To Do?

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 3.24.16 PM

This subtitle of satisfaction is the title of a video but also a question that runs through my mind daily, sometimes hourly. Fr. Mike Schmitz (he is the coolest so if you don’t want to watch this video please pleeaase watch another one!) focused on discerning God’s will for our lives. These six minutes were exactly what I needed to hear. I hope you can agree. Watch it here!


Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 1.34.56 PMI don’t ever like vines. My roommates watch them endlessly and they are always showing them to each other. They don’t even bother handing their phone to me because they know I won’t find it funny.  This is the one exception. I only clicked on it to send to my friend who loves minions and instantly, I was laughing out loud. In my room. Alone. Click here to view it and I promise you will laugh out loud. Hopefully not alone in your room.

August Playlistmy-song_o_908360

Do you ever freak out when your favorite song comes on in the car and then have to remind yourself that you made the playlist? Daily occurence right here. For June and July, I made separate blog posts to share what songs I listened to but it’s coming to you in a paragraph this month. “Just Be Held” by Casting Crowns, “Finally Free” by Rend Collective, “Your Love Never Fails (Live)” by Jesus Culture, “Open Up The Heavens” by Vertical Church Band, “You Know Me” by Steffany Frizzell Gretzinger and “Up in Arms” by Hillsong United have been my top selections. Mostly oldies. Always goodies.

Blessed Is She Weekly Wallpaper


I mentioned Blessed Is She in My Nightstand but this is a concentrated aspect of their spectacular ministry! Every week, they post beautiful (AND FREE) downloadable designs for your phone and computer. I currently have the August 4th desktop wallpaper on my laptop because I have quite the affection for marble and an even greater affection for 2 Corinthians 12:10. I am constantly swinging my laptop open so having this reminder in my face every time makes me so content!



On this 29th day of August, my blog has reached readers in 29 countries! I am not one to care about numbers but WUUUT? Who even has the patience to reach to the end of this post? I am completely humbled that your lovely self has taken the time out of your busy day to read my ramblings. From the girl who almost backed out of creating Kerfully Content, thank you so much! I wish I could thank you all in person over fresh foamy lattes!


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