A Week of Newness

I love trying new things!! I mention this in my About Me page because it is so true! For the last week of summer, I wanted to try at least one new thing per day. From Sunday, August 16th to Sunday, August 23rd (yes, I know eight days is longer than a week), my day included something I’ve never done before. It was so fun and gave me more to look forward to than normal! Read on below for some ideas of things you can try out this week!

Day 1: New Recipe

I made attempted to make an almond flour crepe. My skillet looked exactly like the blog’s photos but the first flip took that beauty away. Crumpled and in despair, I drizzled peanut butter all over it. Is there anything peanut butter can’t fix?


Day 2: New “Remedy”

Oil pulling is something I’ve been interested in but hesitant to try out. Until now of course! Whatchado is swish around oil in your mouth for 20 minutes. Bear with me. This improves oral health while also making your teeth whiter. I did this with coconut oil (IT DOES EVERYTHING!). It was super awkward and gross for the first thirty seconds but after that, all was swell and it even made my lips extremely moisturized!

Day 3:  New Park

I learned about McNamara Park a few weeks ago so I finally took the ten minute drive from my apartment to check it out. In case you don’t know, my last name is McNamara so I felt obligated to go on this adventure. I spent the night with Mother T (a collection of Mother Teresa’s letters called Come Be My Light. HIGHLY recommend.), the sunset, 17 mosquitos, a few dogs that came running up to me and countless runners that were lapping me on my bench. It was a delightful park with a delightful sign!


Day 4: New Car Ride

No, I did not get a new car nor do I want one. But this Wednesday brought a whole new experience to my drive to and from work. I forced myself to drive in complete silence. In my efforts to live with less distractions, my day (or hour that I was in the car) was filled with peace, clarity and the unexpected realization of how loud my turning signals actually are.

Day 5: New Roadtrip Game

I had to drive 2.5 hours home for a doctor’s appointment. In addition to entertaining myself with a new playlist, I played a game with license plates. For every car I was behind, I selected the first letter and thought of something that I was grateful for that began with that letter. I changed lanes more than I should have because it was quite the grand time!

Day 6: New RestaurantIMG_8947-1

I’m all about local restaurants (see number five) so while I was home, I sat down with a lifelong friend at Fowl and Fodder. This place uses local and organic ingredients so I was sold even before tasting my lunch! I ordered a juice called “The Grasshopper” and the fried goat cheese salad. Basically fancy mozzarella sticks on tops of your greens. The food was impeccable and the sweet company was heart warming!

Day 7: New Food (the third day involving food…tried-and-true foodie right here)

A bag of brussel sprouts sprouts have been hanging out in my freezer all summer. I wanted to give them a go but I always shut the door before opening the bag. Not today! I was debating on trying something bold for my first taste of a brussel sprout but I decided to go with a little coating of coconut oil, roasting, cooling in the fridge and dipping them in my favorite hummus to ever adorn a grocery store shelf. That would be Kroger’s Private Selection Mediterranean Herb. The brussel sprouts tasted like roasted broccoli. I love roasted broccoli.

Day 8: New “Sacrifice

I don’t like to call this a sacrifice but it kind of is. Well, it is to me. I have a love for blankets and I sleep with an average of four every night. I thought it would be an interesting experiment to take them away to gain appreciation for the little things that I am privileged with. Me, my pillow and my bunny stuffed animal from my grandma snoozed for six hours. This may sound silly but it proved to bolster my thankfulness!

And day 9 is the start to a new school year!! My oh my, excited is an understatement!



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