WIAW: Zenon and Wearing Strainers

IMG_8891My day in food started out with “churro” french toast bites! This is your traditional french toast made with two slices of sprouted rye bread, cut up and coated with a mixture of natural maple syrup, coconut oil, stevia and a generous amount of cinnamon. It doesn’t photograph too well but zetus lapetus, these make my heart go boom boom boom (my supernova girl)!zoom zoom zoomFrench toast has been my go-to for when I wake up ready to put my apron strainer on. Alright, so those days are in the past but I found this picture when I was looking through my scrapbooks at home last week. I suppose I’ve always loved smiling away in the kitchen!IMG_8811Then I had my daily banana. Banana #4011 to be exact. PotassiYUM.IMG_8903My last WIAW lunch at this desk included whole grain wasa crackers with kalamata olive hummus, carrots and sweet potatoes with sriracha. Sriracha has been my obsession as of late! It’s like everyone’s ranch or my peanut butter. Aka it goes with everything!

IMG_8905      IMG_8912

After talking to incoming first years at my school’s orientation (ahhh they are so cool and cute and I can’t wait to walk around campus with them!!), I threw together a mediterranean quinoa blend. It has tricolor quinoa, tomato basil feta, chickpeas, a tad of balsamic vinaigrette, green pepper, cucumber, red onion and tomatoes from my friend’s garden. August tomatoes are out of this world! We’re talking with Zenon and Protozoa.

IMG_8876The day concluded with a pink lady apple and dark chocolate peanut butter! I threw some dark chocolate chips into my peanut butter and microwaved it for a hot sec (literally). Peanut Butter & Co. makes a dark chocolate peanut butter that tastes the exact same. It’s called Dark Chocolate Dreams. And this bedtime snack was definitely dreamy!IMG_8917


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