DIY Coconut Oil Scrub

Coconut oil is the trifecta. That doesn’t even make sense nor apply because I don’t have three things to prove for it. But I feel like that word is used to encompass greatness and greatness is the minimum of this product.

The uses and benefits of coconut oil far exceed three mighty wonders. I could ramble on and on but type “Ways to use coconut oil” into Google and you’ll find precisely 6.38 million results.

I use it every single day and this DIY Coconut Oil scrub may just convert you to a daily user yourself! Two ingredients. Two minutes. Shall we call it the bifecta?

I get my coconut oil at Trader Joe’s but I’ve also seen it at TJ Maxx and in the organic section of Kroger. And sugar. You know where to find that. I used stevia because it’s all I have but if I wanted to spend a small sum, I would choose brown sugar for its scent and color.

Step 1: Microwave about 1/2 tablespoon of coconut oil for 7 seconds. This will make it a little melty without a complete liquid consistency.
Step 2: Mix in a packet (one teaspoon) of sugar
Step 3: Apply it to your face (or wherever you choose! This made my feet oh so soft!!) and gently massage. With clean hands of course!
Step 4: Soak up the glorious scent! I would call it a mix of samoas and snickerdoodles.
Step 5: Rinse it off and pat yo beautiful face dry!

Antimicrobial…check. Exfoliating…check. Moisturizing…check. If you feel like it is too moisturizing, go ahead and wash your face with your cleanser and you will be golden!

A scrub is nice to have around because dead skin is always a thing. It’s gross if you think about it too much. Sorry. Without the dozens of ingredients that are a good dozen or two letters long, this scrub is natural, effective and even edible (and from experience, it’s pretty tasty)!

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