Calvin Harris Preaching the Gospel

I usually opt not to listen to “Today’s Hits” because the message is degrading in some way every single time. Lucky for me, I don’t understand a lot of what they are saying. My friends can attest to this. Their goal my freshman year of college was to “corrupt Kerigan.” They can attest to this as well.

When I do open my ears to it, I usually appreciate the beat or put my own uplifting message to it that I’m pretty sure the singer did not intend. But maybe Calvin Harris & Disciples (THE DISCIPLES!!) did intend to preach the Gospel.


The song, “How Deep Is Your Love” came on and a few of the lyrics struck me. “How deep is your love? Is it like the ocean?” And a bit later, “Open up my eyes and tell me who I am”.  Do you know where I am going with this? You know where I am going with this.

God’s love. It’s overwhelming. That’s putting it lightly because there are no words to describe its entirety! God is Love.

It’s deeper than the ocean (there’s your answer, Calvin). Wider than the skies. Brighter than the sun. Purer than your parents love for you. Better than all of your best memories combined. No description does it justice.


His love works overtime. While you sleep, while you sin and while you doubt, He is still pouring out His love.

It sustains us. His love is the reason we are breathing and have a future.

God’s love transforms us. From the inside out, His love can’t be hidden in the ones who accept it.

It precedes us. He took the initiative in loving us first. Before you were born and after you die, it is fervently alive.

By His love, we are redeemed, forgiven and set apart.

Nothing can make His love lessen. Absolutely nothing. God’s love is limitless.

Limit Does Not Exist

This ridiculously extravagent love is called agape love. You have probably heard of it before but if you haven’t, I’ll provide a little refresher. Agape is one of the types of love in Greek. This is the highest form that is held by God.

Agape love is unconditional love that always persists despite the recipient’s faults. It is selfless, sacrificial, does not change and is completely free. It envelops each and every one of us, His children.

C.S. Lewis wrote extensively on the different types of love. He said, “Agape is all giving, not getting.” Only God can give it all without expecting anything in return. It costed Him a sorrowful Passion and Death but He gives it to us knowing that there is nothing we can ever do to repay him.

Jesus cross Turkey

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.” – John 3:16.

Don’t read over that verse because you already know it and have memorized it. Read it with intentionality. That is you who God loves. That is you who his Son came for. That is you who has been called to eternal life. That is agape love.

We can think that we are capable of agape love but we are not even close. We can certainly strive for it as we are called to be Christ-like but we are imperfect and that extends to our ability to love.


So we ask the Lord to open up our eyes and tell us who we are like Calvin Harris and Disciples are asking to other people. Our identity is in Him. No person can tell us who we are because His love gives us our worth. It is far from earthly and it must not be mixed up in the pressures of this world.

I’m praying that you feel His radical loving presence all throughout your day. All you need to do is ask and you will find it. You may even find a song that will reveal His love to you!

One thought on “Calvin Harris Preaching the Gospel

  1. Love thIs Ker glad I’m not the only one that thinks of Jesus when I hear “Today’s Hits” 😊. I always think of Jesus when I hear “Halo” by Beyoncé And when I hear “Daylight” by Maroon 5 I always picture Jesus praying in the Garden at Gethsemane. 🙏🏻


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