My hands, Your will

I wrote this a couple months ago and never ended up not using it for what I had intended. I wanted to share it nonetheless! I’m writing this secret message in italics that isn’t very secret because there are a couple school references and I didn’t want you to be confused.

My hands are incredibly ugly. My sisters, mom and aunt always say how our hands look like an old woman’s. I am 19 years old but if you were to look just at my hands, you might guess 62.

I have a skin condition where the changing seasons cause discoloration and purple bumps to spring up on my fingers and toes. It’s cute. My cuticles are dry despite my constant need to dig through my pencil pouch in the middle of a lecture to put lotion on. My skin is not soft either. My nails are hardly ever painted. My pinky is crooked (again, a family thing). And now I am staring at my hands in my school’s library and I would imagine those around me think I have lost my mind.

My point in admitting all of these imperfections in my hands is not to say how flawed I am. Which let me tell you, I am way in left field on this one. But, that when I look deeper into my hands, I see intricate details. Lines so beautiful that I wish they could replace my driver’s license picture.

The design on my skin is completely fascinating. It is delicate and complex and refreshing in every way. They are everywhere and yet, I hardly notice their presence. When is the last time you peered into your knuckles? Please don’t kill my vibe and say “Actually, 20 minutes ago”. It gives me hope that my discoveries of His creation are continuous.

The composition of my hands is inspiring. Yes, I basically said that my hands give me motivation to be a better person. And I have yet to touch base on my amazement on my finger print. I am in complete awe. It’s a truly wondrous thing!

Despite this first glance of unattractiveness, I love my hands endlessly because they allow me to be the Lord’s servant. I love them endlessly because they reveal to me His grandeur. I love them endlessly because my two hands are two ways in which I can be faithful. My hands are not my own, just as my life is not mine but His.

My hands will allow me to praise Him, serve Him and love Him. They will hold my first child, grasp onto His word and be the loving gesture of comfort and compassion. The limit does not exist for the possibilities that they withold!! This excitement brings me complete joy, far more than Cady Heron got when she brought home the gold for the Mathletes.

They are God’s hands that hold me and my hands that bring glory to Him. “For we are God’s HANDiwork (sorry, I had to (:) created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do” – Ephesians 2:10.

We were not placed on this earth to exist. We were made to thrive in His abundant plan. God has anticipated your authentic presence and is excited for you to display your originality with Him by your side. He has been planning this, He has been waiting for you and He knows that you will be His humble disciple. I can confidently assure you that His plans are far greater than your own for yourself.

As a daughter of the Savior of the world, I am completely honored and thankful that He gave me the ability to use my hands freely. We easily forget that our free will is an incredible gift from God. He trusts us so much that He willingly granted us the power to go out into this world and be our own person.

He knows we are covered in imperfections and continue to betray Him but He overlooked this. His grace persists in our errors. God gives us endless opportunities to serve Him and risks the chance that we may not always be His shining light. Whether this is your talents or simple, yet extraordinary limbs, you can honor Him. You don’t need special conditions to align in your favor. You just need Him.

“I will praise you as long as I live, and in your name I will lift up my HANDS.” – Psalms 63:4


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