Almond Meal Cookie & Cherry Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwiches

That title is a mouthful.


So are these almond meal cookie and cherry chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches.

Dessert time is a great time. If your life does not have a time slot for some chocolate/cookies/ice cream/all and more, then I think you know what you need to do!


This “appointment” is actually what the doctor calls for. Moderation, happiness and the satisfaction that you can make something so very delectable. It gets even better when it is pre-made and simply needs to be enjoyed. (Thank you dessert prep!!)


I don’t have a dog or a cat and never have but I’m quite sure these ice cream sandwiches are pretty much the same thing.

They are waiting for you as you come home (hidden behind a freezer door but ya can’t let them melt!) and treat you well. Without the shedding, feeding, walking and barking/meowing, these are a grand stand-in for a furry friend.


Sweet and crunchy. Chocolatey and refreshing. Satisfying and the perfect size. I think the doctor has called to tell me to make another batch!

The cookies and ice cream are great separate. But both are greater together. I used this cookie recipe without the coconut and Trader Joe’s soy cherry chocolate chip ice cream.


No more and no less. Fr. Mike Schmitz has a great podcast with that theme. Listening to it while savoring one of these would be my kind of bliss. No more and no less.


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