My Nightstand

I’ve actually never had a nightstand. My house always has more furniture than your average abode because my dad owns a furniture company. But never was there an extra nightstand laying around for me to snag. They must be a hot commodity.

I’m so excited to have my own place so I can officially be a nightstand owner! There are many other reasons why this big step will be thrilling but a small piece of furniture neighboring my bed is up there.  A vase of flowers, a coaster for my coffee and a nice stack of books will decorate it quite well.

However, I’m not talking about books either. I’m simply sharing a hodge podge of recent memorable reads. I read all throughout the day. Not necessarily books, even though I’m currently making my way through two, but lotza blogs, quotes and random websites that I don’t actually know how I stumble upon. Below are the stand-outs in different categories.

1. Delightful


My great friend, Bridget, has the best. blog. ever. We are talking career worthy. Her life is comical, adventurous and DELIGHTFUL and she is gifted with wisdom and wittiness. Bridget shares her daily life filled to the brim with family love, adorable picnics/parties, inspiring thoughts, drool-worthy fashion, undeniable faith and a fair share of food (candy is an essential). She is my blog’s number one fan and even reads my posts to her parents. If you click on the link, you will be hooked in the best. way. ever.

2. Cardinal Nguyen Van Thuan’s Ten Rules of Life


Cardinal Thuan was a fascinating man! He was imprisoned for over a decade, spending much of that time in solitary confinement. He used his time behind bars to evangelize. Seems nearly impossible, right? This guy had to be assigned new security guards because he was converting them away from their Communist ideals to Christianity. He celebrated mass with the prisoners by using his palm as the altar and his shirt pocket as a tabernacle. How incredible!! Beyond reading about his life, I am intrigued by his simple, yet remarkable list of his ten rules of life. It is no secret that I love lists and this one has officially taken over as #1 in my life.

3. Dear Doctor by Emily Wilson

FullSizeRenderAt the beginning of June, Emily tweeted this and I thought it was hysterically accurate. Then, she wrote a blog post all about it and it was spot on. I want to hand deliver it to every OB/GYN in the United States. Emily’s words are polished and immersed in truth. She covers birth control from the perspective of marriage, motherhood, woman’s health and complete trust in God. Even if you are not female, I highly recommending reading her perspective on this controversial issue.

“I will never tell God what my limitations are – He knows them as well as He knows every hair on my head.”

4. “The Glory of God is a human being fully alive.” – St. Irenaeus.

Quotation-St-Irenaeus-god-human-glory-Meetville-Quotes-67994 (1)

I was watching a talk and the speaker ended with these wise words from St. Irenaeus. It’s simplicity and divinity captivated my attention. We can easily twist the reality of what glorifying God looks like. Specific actions to perform, words to say and so on can get detail-focused while losing the intentions of the heart. Be fully alive! It will make JC smile.

5. Blessed Is She Devotions


I found a few weeks ago and my morning routine hasn’t been the same since! I get their devotions (daily readings, a woman’s real life connection and quote/graphic) sent to my email. These find their way into my inbox between the minutes of 6:03 and 6:08 a.m. That amazing six minute span allows me to become joyfully refreshed by real women. They willingly pour out their hearts to bring other women behind her computer screen (ME), closer to the Lord. Blessed Is She is like sitting on the couch with your sisters. I’ve only been a part of this community for a short period but the amount of love and acceptance I feel has reached great heights. Being virtually surrounded by like-minded individuals throughout the day with their Instagram, blog and Facebook group is such a blessing!


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