WIAW: Reset on a Taco Tuesday

This past weekend, I enjoyed Toledo’s finest smurf soft serve, multiple lines through the line at graduation parties and s’mores made with the finest equipment  (my dad’s handy contraption to get your marshmallow to golden brown perfection that doubles as a walking stick).

IMG_8321 IMG_8362

My belly was satisfied, maybe too satisfied, leaving me craving whole foods. A little reset if you will. I don’t believe in detoxes, mostly because they are starvation central. Four pressed juices a day is not enough to keep your organs functioning properly! Modest moderation is the hottest. Well, modest is too.


Breakfast has recently been my biggest meal of the day. Not today. Partially because I was still in a food coma and more partially (just go with it) because I have an upcoming dentist appointment. The last time I wore my retainer to bed was when I was falling asleep in hopes of waking up to a snow delay. My teeth felt the pain. My heart still wants the snow delay.

IMG_8410I would like to thank Carl Paul Gottfried von Linde (the inventor of freezers) for this snack. Every so often aka once a week, all I want to do is have a bake fest. So I have a bake fest and then I freeze the goodness and grab something out every morning. I’m pretty sure I made this incredible marbled banana bread in May. I feel like my grandmother who takes loaves of bread out of her freezer but hey, she is a very wise woman.

IMG_8413For lunch out of another great invention (the sandwich holder) was a sandwich with roasted red pepper hummus, spring mix, tomato, green bell pepper and cucumber on sprouted bread. Pairing oh so perfectly with baby carrots and a pink lady apple. I evidently still don’t know how to cut into halves.


The freezer wins again with these no bake peanut butter oat balls. Small but very very mightalicious! That would be mighty and delicious and let’s add filling while we are shouting out adjectives.

IMG_8437 IMG_8439

As I’m typing this I just realized that I participated in my first Taco Tuesday! I was thinking about these all day. Maybe a quarter of the day…let’s realistically compromise with 83%. They were loaded with black beans, grilled green bell peppers, grilled onion, avocado and peach salsa on corn tortillas. The trick is to put the tortillas directly on the stove top without a pan! Sweet potato fries joined the plate because what else would you serve with tacos?


My favorite dark chocolate with drippy peanut butter ended my day on a grand note. It is my goal in life to convert all hydrogenated oil peanut butter lovers to the natural peanut butter life. HOW CAN YOU RESIST DRIPPY PEANUT BUTTER?

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