Passing By Ourselves

College is undoubtedly a great time for travel. Many of my friends are studying abroad in beautiful countries, experiencing life with complete curiosity and adventure. As much as I love living through their Instagram, pretending that I am eating a macaron at Laudrée and peering at the breathtaking Sistine Chapel, Saint Augustine’s wisdom has given me something else to wonder at.

“People travel to wonder at the height of the mountains, at the huge waves of the sea, at the vast compass of the ocean, at the circular motion of the stars; and they pass by themselves without wondering.” – Saint Augustine

I wrote this quote down on a canvas a couple months ago to serve as a daily reminder that my potential exceeds my understanding. I snapped a picture (the one below, hey Katy) and sent it to my mother. I was expecting to get a smiley face emoji back but that was not the case. Her response revealed my fault to spell correctly (can you find my mistake?). I broke out my Wite-Out and now a correct daily reminder hangs on my wall. IMG_6133 This error is actually quite comical in my eyes. I have chosen to look upon myself in awe of my Creator. Fearfully and wonderfully made, I am thankful to live out the work that God trusted me with. And then I messed up. Even though it was the smallest of wrongs, He never fails to remind me that I lack in the perfection department and I desperately need to lean on Him for EVERYTHING.

Saint Augustine of Hippo not only has an amazing conversion story but a great outlook on ourselves as temples of the Holy Spirit. Without any selfishness, he calls us to reflect on our precious worth. Made in the image of God, he asks, How come you don’t view yourself as a valuable being with utmost reverence?

I’m a creation lover. I love a nice long walk just to be able to look around at nature’s captivation.  The immensity of the mountains, waves, ocean and stars and even a flower growing through a sidewalk crack or dew resting on a leaf makes my jaw drop. Have I ever had to pick it back up in astonishment of myself? That would be a no.

Maybe it’s because I can’t look at myself from an outsider’s perspective. Maybe it’s because I am one flawed sinner. Maybe it’s because humans don’t go on vacations to sightsee other humans. BUT THEY SHOULD. Without the creepiness and with much upon much of the awareness that the Holy Spirit is dwelling in every heart.

If God stopped thinking about me for even a moment, I would cease to exist. Mic drop. Seriously, in His eyes, I am undoubtedly pursued and you are no exception. He is waiting for us to acknowledge this truth!

Only then can we take up our cross down the best path. It is up to us to follow or make up our own that will leave us unhappy, confused and lost. May we all be permanently in a state to fulfill our mission with increasing devotion. I pray that you earnestly wonder what yours beholds through the eyes of the Beholder.

If we think our sin is too much of a burden, we are putting limits on His mercy. Questioning our capacity for greatness is questioning His authority. Trust in the one that died to hold you. In all humbleness, pass by yourself and seek Him more.

Allow me to quote another great man, Pope Francis. “We become fully human when we become more than human, when we let God bring us beyond ourselves in order to attain the fullest of our being.” This is in store for your life! Beloved, you are sheer originality. Your fullness awaits in His hands.

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