WIAW: My Foodisms

Ever since I have been able to make my own food, I have been receiving weird looks. Maybe weird is not the word I was looking for. Picture squinted eyes, scrunched foreheads and  bodies leaning in to get a glimpse of what I am about to devour.

My siblings are experts at it, my roommates are developing it and the girl I work with has stopped doing it because she knows I have a blog where I write all about it. Not to mention, the three RAs who inspected my apartment yesterday followed suit as I was making black bean zucchini cookies.

Here are some pictures to squint at if you are the squinting type. If you are the reading type, I will enlighten you with a few things about me in relation to food. P.S. the black bean zucchini cookies are much better to eat than peer at!

thumb_IMG_7962_1024I started my day off with Hummusapien’s vegan raspberry chocolate chip muffins. These are so tasty taste microwaved or cold! I prefer my food not at room temperature. These are so good that I would still snag them at 70°F.


I tore this banana off chunk by chunk for a morning snack! I tear all food that people normally bite into. Bananas, pb&js, donuts, cupcakes, you get the point.


Next on the snacking agenda came an orange spread of tomato basil hummus, carrots and roasted sweet potatoes. THIS HUMMUS GUYS. It tastes like pizza. Precisely flavor blasted xplosive pizza goldfish in the green bag. I’m not a crazy pizza fanatic but frozen pizza and pizza flavored goldfish/hummus will lure me in.


Lunch/snack 4 (I prefer to eat continuously in small portions) was this baby kale salad with falafel, Trader Joe’s goddess dressing, cucumber, tomato, red onion and red bell pepper. I tried to drizzle the dressing on to look cute for the picture but FAIL. I proceeded to shake it up with the top on. Every single salad I make, I shake. Makin’ n shakin’: my one true talent.


Pink lady apples are the only apples I buy. YSDIT. WWJD. WUT. I answer a lot of  emails/Facebook comments at work in which people think I understand their acronyms. I don’t. But I do now because I have gotten into the habit of creating my own that are probably already created. YSDIT = you should do it today and Jesus would definitely do it too.

thumb_IMG_7976_1024      thumb_IMG_7979_1024

I used my talent again at dinner by shaking romaine, black beans, crushed quinoa & black bean tortilla chips, avocado salsa, corn & chile salsa, salsa authentica and salsa verde (please look at the bottles because Joe’s became Jose’s hahaah) together. Salsa mixing is talent #2 of mine.  These are very lame talents but I prefer this final product over Chipotle. It is tremendouSALSA.

thumb_IMG_7981_1024The day ended with my current favorite snack: dates overflowing with peanut butter. Anything overflowing with peanut butter will make me content. Just look at the light reflecting off of it! I was telling my friend of my newfound date obsession and she told me that her dad loves them so much that he gets them imported from Dubai. YOU CAN DO THAT?


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