Saturday Satisfaction

You know that Rolling Stones song, “Satisfaction”, that talks about the complete opposite? They say, “I can’t get no satisfaction” six times and the songs ends with “No satisfaction, no satisfaction, no satisfaction.”

YES SATISFACTION. YES SATISFACTION. YES SATISFACTION. I am satisfied. They were not. Hopefully they are now.

In all attempts to mirror Lauren Conrads’ weekly “Friday Favorites” and keep in line with my title alliteration (Complimentary Contradiction), here are the little things that have kept me content in this third week of June. It’s always the little things. 

A New Planner, Notebook and Pens

IMG_7795Lilly was not cutting it for me anymore so I threw gently placed my 2014-2015 agenda away. In replacement is this white and gold beaut from Target. It’s clean, compact and matches this notebook from T.J. Maxx. TJ’s always has the best notebooks/journals/anything that a girl could ever want. That saying describes my work ethic and boy oh boy am I going to make things happen with it. Can school start now?

Nude Nails IMG_7853 Most gravitate towards brights when the sun is here to stay. I’m not included in that group. Correction: I’ll take the pop of color on my toes. Nudes are just so delicate, timeless and classy. I’m thanking my materialistic high school self for supplying me with faded tans, almost whites, light pinks and many shades in between that didn’t make this shot. My roommates are too.

A Lovely Reminder9a2fbb39236bed142afdf2e5b7a3e6c2 YOU have a great smile, use it. I felt the need to say that again because I wanted you to read it twice. Maybe the repetitiveness will help it stick in your memory! I know you have a great smile because I’ve never seen a smile (a true one, that is) that I did not love. So smile! If not for yourself, for those around you. It’s contagious!

Throwback Music Videos tumblr_m4qfroIeEy1qaesnho2_250 I told my friend to “shine bright, shine far, don’t be shy, be a star” and eight seconds later we were watching this clip and singing along. I don’t know why but 0:09 and 0:10 make me laugh incredibly much. I’ve never done actual karaoke before but I have made the executive decision that this will be my go-to when that day comes. Awkward Tyra dancing and all.

Corinthians Concept (the alliteration just won’t stop) tumblr_npu2ehhK571qhmhdfo1_540 I read this a few days ago and it really made me think. #1 because discernment has been occupying my mind (Teensy tangent: St. Ignatius’ 14 rules of discernment. Read it. Live it. Love it.) and #2 because I am all about self reflection. Putting myself in stories has been extremely effective for me to gain a better understanding on a great number of concepts. We all know 1 Corinthians 13 but knowing where we fit into it is entirely different.

Go Down Moses 51nf0KyRwFL._SL500_AA280_ I was cleaning out my Spotify last week and saw that I was following this band called Go Down Moses. I have no recollection of them ever before but I gave them a listening to and I have every day since. This young group with a five song EP describes their music as “country-based style with heavy harmonies and folk-rock instrumentation”. It’s almost like you’re listening to an Irish Zac Brown Band. It’s grand!

Verily Magazine’s Instagram  IMG_7856 THE QUOTES. MY GOODNESS. Every quote they post makes me think, “Okay, this is my new favorite quote.” Welp, their daily posts make my new favorite quote change every 24 hours. Each one is full of grace, woman empowerment and complete inspiration. The photography and even the font is remarkable. I promise you won’t regret giving them a follow!


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