Four Summer Snacks!

It’s thyme for some snack-a-lackin appreciation! Summer is a fun season to make healthy bites because produce is much more fresh and cold foods won’t make you want to swan dive into a mountain of heated blankets.

I am highlighting four snacks for a balance of two fruity and two veggy. Yeah yeah, I know it is veggie but we are sticking with the theme of symmetry today, ladies and gents.

Avocado on Rice Cake

Oooh baby baby (buh buh buh baby…guess that song!). I hate to play favorites but this is #1 as of late. It is creamy and bright and salty and crunchy and blissful and magic. There is a reason I’m not an aspiring food critic because my descriptions are less than food-related. I added some hemp seeds for a boost in omega-3s and protein!  This pairing looks quite gourmet (ish) but it takes less time than going back and forth from the fridge to the cupboard and back again, staring aimlessly and wishing that you had better groceries. Pop this in your cart on your next trip and that depressing game will be no more!

Frozen Grapes IMG_7278 I lied. Half* frozen grapes. I prefer mine to be a tiny ball of slush. I predict movie theaters will hop on the health conscious bandwagon in a few years and these will be selling like 44oz. blue raspberry icees. The grape’s quaint portion size makes it all the more merrier when you can keep on throwing them up in the air and catching them with your mouth. If you are anything like me, you miss the mark four-fifths of the time so half freeze more than you think you’ll want and let the tossing begin!

Cucumber Hummus Sandwiches

IMG_7315 This snack is not too filling but if a meal is approaching soon and your stomach is rumbling loud enough that it may as well be speaking, this will be your pal! I used white bean basil hummus and it is an incredible compliment to the crisp and light slice-o-cucumber. You could totally ramp up this plate (legal pad actually because it was snack break at the office!) party with some turkey, feta, tomato, sprinkles….ya girl likes funfetti and I know you do too!

Pb & J shake

IMG_7300        IMG_2603What is better than my childhood blended into a nutritious drink? Nada. If you’ve got strawberries and peanut butter and the milk of your choosing, you have yourself a jubilee. Hold up, the straw is the star of the recipe! Every drink tastes better with a straw. Crunchy peanut butter is the way to go when a blender is involved because bits of peanuts will remain intact for your trip down memory lane. If you aren’t a strawberry jelly person, go for blueberries, raspberries, blackberries or D) all of the above.


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