Summer List of Buckets

My friend, Olivia, and I are members of the adventurous crew. We prefer laughing over naps, learning over Netflix and memories over what-ifs.

When you put two girls in Columbus over the summer, they will want to do EVERYTHING. This summer, we are setting out to accomplish 52 things. Too lofty? You haven’t met us.

I think Tony Perkis (Ben Stiller) was confused in Heavyweights when he said “Do it to it, Lars!”. I’m thinking “Do it to it, Liv and Ker!”. We’ll keep you updated as we do it and to it.

Do it to it Lars

(Postscript: This list is not exclusive. Please please join us!!)

  1. Sit on a roof
  2. Stargaze (preferably in a truck with lots of blankets and pillows)
  3. Fly a kite
  4. Become flexible (a.k.a. touch my toes)
  5. Camp on campus (in front of Towers and behind CC)
  6. Paint with darts like Princess Diaries
  7. Write a letter to a random address
  8. Glow in the dark bowling
  9. Gallery Hop in the Short North
  10. Downtown adventures with polaroids
  11. Drive in movie (see #48)
  12. Moonlit Canoe Ride
  13. Write a song and make a music video
  14. Learn the Parent Trap handshake
  15. Order pancake balls at Katalina’s Cafe Corner
  16. Buy a polaroid camera (see #10)
  17. Take the 5 Love Languages quiz:
  18. Make a blog  (Read Olivia’s here!)
  19. Dance in the rain
  20. Columbus Art Museum for free Sundays
  21. Learn how to double dutch
  22. Make popsicles
  23. Hold a hula hoop competition
  24. Franklin Park Conservatory
  25. Dublin Irish Festival on July 31-August 2
  26. Go to a coffee shop (Fox in the Snow Cafe, Mission Coffee Co., Grandview Grind, Stauf’s, etc.)
  27. Hayden Falls Park in Dublin
  28. Go to a shooting range
  29. Catch fireflies
  30. Market Flea Sundays at North Market
  31. Columbus Greek Festival on September 4-7
  32. Learn all the words to Ice Ice Baby
  33. Go to Harvest Pizzeria
  34. Walk around German Village
  35. Made Local Marketplace on July 12
  36. Watch the O.C.
  37. Get unique donuts at Destination Donuts
  38. Take a cooking class
  39. Ohio State Fair July 29-August 9
  40. Walk at Hoover Dam
  41. Hike at Hocking Hills
  42. Walk the Scioto Mile
  43. Go to Bodega on a Monday for $1 grilled cheese
  44. Food Truck Festival on August 14-16
  45. Park of Roses
  46. Get macaroons at Pistacia Vera
  47. Walking into men experiment
  48. North Market Downtown Drive-In: Mean Girls on June 19 and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off on August 14
  49. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles prank
  50. Eat all the tacos
  51. Learn 10 new words and use them in our vocabulary 
  52. Go to Alum Creek Beach

One thought on “Summer List of Buckets

  1. Ker, I have become a religious follower of my first blog aka kerfullycontent. You are so inspiring and I miss you dearly buddy ole pal. I thought I would comment on this post because I am loving your summer bucket list and honestly a little jelly!


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