The Blogs I Follow!

Ever since I have entered the blog world, people have been asking me what blogs I read. I enjoy raving all about my faves and even more so, knowing a person well enough to recommend ones that I know they will adore.

I just shared Barefoot Blonde and Gal Meets Glam with my friends who are studying abroad in the upcoming months. We were scrolling through their endless pictures at a coffee shop when an elderly man scooted up to us (literally, scooted) to share that he just got new batteries in his motor scooter. It goes 9mph and be whizzes by every pedestrian. It was hysterical and made my day!

Here are just a few of the bookmarked blogs that have given me wisdom, insight and endless smiles!

Bulldog Catholic

Fr. Mike jpeg

Three words: Father Mike Schmitz. He is so eccentric, lively, genuine, goofy, relatable and his piercing eyes will grab your attention in an instant! He is the chaplain for Newman Catholic Campus Ministries at the University of Minnesota Duluth as well as the Director of the Office of Youth Ministry for the Diocese of Duluth. His posts and videos will make you laugh and more importantly, think A LOT. Additionally, his podcasts on iTunes are impeccable and he is heavily involved in Ascension Presents (linked below) and catholic teens across the United States in general. I reference notes from his talks almost daily!

The Real Life RD

Robyn JPG

Robyn Coale is a 25-year-old super woman. She is a Registered Dietician, will be a RN very soon and has her own nutrition consulting practice. She currently lives in New York City as she recently graduated from Columbia University’s graduate nursing program. She is kind hearted, inviting and lives to serve the Lord. Robyn’s focus is on a balanced and holistic approach to women’s health. She has helped me in navigating through the confusion around nutrition to create my own food philosophy. I have so much in common with her and one day, I hope to get carrot cake with her at Peacefood Cafe in New York City (she orders this almost every weekend….yes, I creepily know this). I have emailed her on several occasions and she got back to me promptly. Something exciting is happening that I can’t wait to share with you all!



In case you have missed the entire post I have dedicated to this lovely lady, click here. Alexis Joseph is also 25 and lives in Columbus. She is friends with Robyn and they share the same outlook on nutrition. Alexis is a Registered Dietician with nutrition counseling and restaurant owner of Alchemy. She works locally with Whole Foods in Upper Arlington and The Fitness Loft. Alexis is vibrant, so endearing and extremely creative. She embodies a wholesome lifestyle without deprivation. I hope she creates a dictionary of her self made vocabulary one day because her words make me giggle out loud (GOL?)!

Life Teen


Life Teen is a huge resource for Catholic youth ministry programs across the United States. They have programs for middle schoolers, teens and college students. I check their blog consistently for eloquent works by average teens and young adults, individuals in religious life, well known Catholic speakers and the Life Teen staff. Their blogs cover faith, prayer, relationships, life and culture. I have read every single one and could not even tell you my top 5 because they are all inspiring and full of truth. The Life Teen crew is hysterical and they strive to help those at the other side of the screen strengthen their identity in Christ. It is working for this girl!

Emily Wilson

Emily Wilson 2015 small-1

I had the privilege to hear Emily speak and lead worship at the Columbus Catholic Women’s Conference this past winter. She is incredibly talented and shares her gifts around the world. Her mission is to primarily help young women in their journey with the Lord. She works with teen girls and her passion to encourage them to grow closer to God is clearly evident in her words and music. Emily released her EP last summer which I downloaded as soon as I got home from the conference. She is engaged to a Dutch man named Daniël who she met at a Catholic conference. They are the cutest couple I think I have ever seen! Not to mention, they are a wonderful example of a Christ-centered relationship!

Leah Darrow


I also had the opportunity to hear Leah speak when she came to my high school a few years back. She is a former model and was on America’s Next Top Model. She is now a mother to two beautiful babies and somehow still keeps up with her career in bringing people to Christ. Like Emily, she travels around the globe and speaks at conferences. Leah is engaging, funny and gives hope to all women. She is an open book and wants young women to learn from her past. Leah and her team’s blog posts hit on the topics of modesty, authentic love and the media’s influence on beauty among so much more. She co-authored a book, Decent Exposure, with Jessica Rey (from Delightful Dear linked below). It comes out in a few weeks and I can’t wait for the day that it will end up on my doorstep!

Eating At Joe’s


This is a blog about Trader Joe’s. Are you surprised? An anonymous man writes his reviews on unique Trader Joe’s products. He features the products that make you think, who on earth thought to create that? or I really want to try it but I’m not sure if I’ll like it. This man has done well over 100 reviews. At the end of each one, he offers a reader friendly breakdown in answering if he would recommend it and if he would buy it again. He is not a food critic but he ventures into the territory of Trader Joe’s and I think we would be the best of friends!

Others that are absolutely splendid: Ascension Presents, Lauren Conrad, The Healthy Maven, Girl About Columbus, Beautifully Broken, Sometimes Always Never, The Londoner, The Roasted Root, Jackie & Bobby, Crave by Taylor, Live Simply by Annie, Whole Living Lauren, Running With Spoons and Delightful Dear (she was the Pink and White Power Ranger!!).


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