The Fairy Tale of Toast

Once upon a time there was a girl who appreciated toast more than the other girls in the land. She did not monotonously put pieces of bread in a toaster and slather it with butter. That was forbidden in her kingdom. She had endless toppings that made this breakfast staple a luxury. Her name is Kerigan and she lives happily ever after with toast in her midst.

By no means do I think of myself as a princess but I do think of toast as my handsome prince. If it was possible, I would be the first one on the dance floor, waltzing away with it!

Whenever I whip up one of my favorite varieties of toast, I just step back and think Wow. This is the best thing I have ever made. These thoughts return every time my plate is decorated with two pieces of wholesome bread and the works. It would be selfish for me to keep this happiness to myself so here are my treasured creations!

I think my descriptions set the bar too high because I keep it relatively simple. I believe simplicity is the best policy.

Step 1: Get the right bread. You’ll want it to be pungent enough to be a star while still allowing its pairing to take the glory. Wonder bread does not meet these qualification in my eyes but if it makes you happy, I am not holding you back from popping that in your toaster! My preference is Trader Joe’s Sprouted Wheat bread. The sprouted facet makes it hearty but its thin cut allows the slices to be airy and light. I like mine slightly burnt to become a sturdy vessel for the toppings.


Step 2: Make the tough decision to select what is going on your toast in this particular moment. It’s a good thing bread comes by the loaf so you can make multiple variations throughout the week or day or hour. I don’t judge if you fall at the end of that range. I always have chia seeds, peanut butter, honey, avocado, coconut oil, fruit, shredded coconut, hummus, cinnamon and dark chocolate on hand. I also recommend jelly/jam, hemp hearts, any variation of nut butter (almond, sunflower, cashew), apple butter, cookie butter, olive oil, eggs, veggies and whatever cheese you marvel at.


Step 3: Get your apron on and work your magic! I don’t own an apron, nor am I Houdini, but even the inexperienced can construct a delectable meal! Depending on your chosen complexity, toast takes about 5 minutes of prep time. This is only .35% of your day so you can’t use the excuse that you don’t have enough time to make toast!


Step 4: Savor and share! And by share, I mean send pictures. I have a hard time sharing my toast because I want each lovely bite. I attempted to get the toast in its entirety to the plate before I took pictures. I was successful for 2 out of 3 occasions. That’s over half of the time so I am applauding my self-control!


Whether it is early morning fuel or midnight snack, I hope your toast brings as much delight to you as it does for me! If you are toasting it up in the kitchen (or elsewhere because that is totally encouraged), don’t forget to include me in your fourth step of your masterpiece. I would be honored to be your taste tester but a picture would be a splendid gesture!


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