Me in Pictures!

As we are still in this orientation period of Kerfully Content, I wanted to share more of my personality with you! Words have been posted and will continue to be, so today my contentment will come to you in pictures (with commentary).


I have been spreading peace since before I could talk. If you are around me enough, you will know that my favorite greeting is “Shalom!” which means “peace”.


I never laugh more than when I am with these beautiful blue-eyed people. This is my older sister and three younger siblings who are triplets! Yes, this is the same picture of us that is also in my About Me! page. I am a Lizzy McGuire outfit picture repeater.

Van Sant Rap (1)

I need goofiness in all of my days! I am only serious when there is no other option or when I am stressed out. I like to have a blast when it seems like fun cannot be incorporated and even more when it can be. Rapping in a life jacket? You got it!

Hobo              Todd Kraines Hween

Halloween is no exception to my silliness! I blame my high school for my need to dress up and creatively. Golden gourds were given out to the best costumes and if you didn’t dress up, you were forced to wear a “lame sign”. Say hello to two different Halloweens when I was a hobo and Todd Kraines.

Apple Orchard Jump  Lepercaun innis

I like to express my happiness in pictures too! I am that girl who after rounds of smiling pictures, says “let’s do a fun one!” This is always accompanied by scrunched faces and “like what…?” Jumping. Jumping is always the answer.

IMG_6134 2        Hula OO

And when jumping is too mainstream, I opt for optical illusions. Maybe it doesn’t really look like I am sitting on this bench or holding my hulahooping friend but I know there will be more to come!

IMG_7066     Frog

When you want a third option, spell some letters with your arms or be a frog! Those people behind us wanted to join the fiesta.

Tori abuse

In comparison to the pictures above, this showcase of myself may deter you from thoughts of friendliness! I promise that I am nice but accidental abuse happened to my poor friend. Let’s say the hug canceled it out.

School pride

A major reason for my joy is my school and all of the opportunities it has blessed me with! It’s the people that make it a place that I never ever want to leave. I cannot wait to see what God has in store for me in my next two years at Otterbein!


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