WIAW: Lifting Veggies

The other day, I was lifting dozens of boxes at a 5k race for my internship alongside a rather strong volunteer. A lady came over to us, looked each of us up and down and jokingly said, “You (the volunteer) look like you lift and you (me) look like you lift…veggies.”

I just laughed it off because I’m used to people commenting on my size. But then I thought, Well yes, I do lift veggies! Every day into my mouth because they are irresistibly scrumptious!

“Lifting veggies” has become my favorite little expression! Every type, all cooking methods, any time of the day, vegetables shall be lifted. Here is my day, just how I like it: full of veggies!

IMG_6970 11

Now that it is sweet summertime, freshly blended smoothies are what I wake up yearning for. This one was made with one banana, a bunch of blueberries, some handfuls of spinach and almond milk. Looks great, tastes greater and an impeccable prelude to my french press brewing in the background!

IMG_6973 5

Work kept me busy all day long so my mind didn’t have the time to wander off into snack wanting mode. For lunch, I had this pheeenomenal baby kale salad with yellow bell pepper, roasted chickpeas, roasted sweet potatoes and red wine & olive oil vinaigrette! I also attempted to cut this pink lady apple with a plastic knife to dip into my peanut butter. I don’t recommend that life choice unless you like the ground’s crumbs all over your apple….eeek!

IMG_6983 13

Snack mode unquestionably came in the p.m. so I had brown rice crackers, snap peas, carrots and hummus yummus! I usually buy snow peas out of habit but my goodness, I am converted!

IMG_6988 12

The last of my day’s vegetables came in abundance with my brown rice veggie bowl! This rice was knee deep in Trader Joe’s harvest hodgepodge (carrots, broccoli, baby corn, water chesnuts, mushrooms, red pepper and onions) with added roasted broccoli and roasted edamame. Coconut aminos took it from amazing to aMAYzing!

I know this dinner is very similar to the one in my last full day of eats but it’s impossible to mess up and uber satisfying! Just get a base of whole grains like quinoa, brown rice, farro, etc. then top it off with the greens and beans and a little dressing or sauce and bon appétit!

IMG_6994 13

Fuzzy socks, shorts and brownies are best friends right? I had one of my black bean brownies and youbetcha I took a bite before this picture. I cannot put into words how fudgy, moist (sorry, I know a bunch of fellas hate this word) and addicting these are! “Can you make these weekly?” are the exact words from my roommates. YES MA’AMS!


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