My Favorite Pairs

HAPPY INTERNATIONAL HUMMUS DAY!!!!!! I would continue the exclamation marks for paragraphs but I think you can understand my excitement with six. I signed up for hummus alerts today in celebration. This means that I get emails whenever I am near places with notable hummus. What a beautiful invention!

The following duos that I cherish are inspired by my favorite pairing of hummus and sweet potato. If you haven’t tried this combination, I give you complete permission to minimize my blog and go roast up some sweet potatoes and get on to dipping!  Or just come over to my kitchen because I am always fully stocked. You may have dreams about this pair tonight. They will be extraordinarily vividly magical dreams! IMG_6897 The sweet potato is the perfect shovel for hummus. Do you like sweets or are your cravings on the savory side of the spectrum? Either way you chose, sweet potato and hummus will wow your tastebuds. Every type of hummus I have tried (traditional, garlic, roasted red pepper, chipotle, spicy, tomato basil, everything, roasted pine nut, spinach and artichoke, Mediterranean, edamame, beet, I’m probably forgetting 12) utterly compliments the sweet potato.

Smiles and dimples! Or just smiles because not everyone has dimples and I endlessly love them regardless. But there is something about a teensy divot that presents itself when joy is in the air! It is a delicate proclamation of contentment. Do dimples come out without smiles? Nope. So maybe I just love smiling and seeing other people smile. Probably. Yes. Greys-anatomy-meredith-and-derek-ddt9vgz7 Meredith and Derek made it to the top of my fictional pairs. I don’t want to spoil a Grey’s Anatomy moment for you because I know I am always behind on shows but read with caution. Caution as in wear sunglasses in a dark room with your screen on the lowest possible lighting setting and then have someone blindfold you just in case. Ready? My heart is full for their love but crushed and beaten continuously for their story. Meredith’s singlehood words of “pick me, choose me, love me” quickly became a team effort. From Post-it note weddings to candle lined houses to the gunman in the hospital, Meredith and Derek triumphed through it all. Up until April 30. It’s still a beautiful day…to save lives.

Coffee and ice is a match on every day of the calendar. This undoubtedly includes November, December, January, February, March and even April when it is still blizzarding in Ohio. When I was shivering in my parka on the way to morning class, an iced coffee was always in my hand. A cup of joe without ice is like waiting for rain in this drought. Useless and disappointing. If diner girl (a.k.a. Sam Montgomery a.k.a. Hilary Duff in A Cinderella Story) knows that ice and coffee should never be separated, you should too! IMG_6899 The elderly folks and bingo is a magnificent site. My friend and I started volunteering at a nursing home over Christmas break so our time off could have some purpose. These people became a top priority in my day so I had to continue at school. You cannot be satisfied with your life until you have played bingo with nursing home residents. Repeatedly. One moment, you are clapping and giving shoutouts to the winners and the other moment you are loudly and clearly reading off B12 or else they will not be your friend that day. You learn their favorite numbers, know who they like to sit by and know where they like their winning chips placed. 5 letters and a whole lotta numbers creates a warm family atmosphere that cannot be compared.


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